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How to use EPSON Easy Photo Print version 2.x


  • Epson Easy Photo Print
  • Epson inkjet printers and All-In-Ones


EPSON Easy Photo Print is a software application that allows you to easily layout and print digital images on various kinds of paper. The latest version has been simplified further to allow for quicker printing and easier access to the settings required for your print.


The screenshots used in this article show Easy Photo Print in Windows Vista, however the layout is similar across other supported operating systems.

If you have installed Easy Photo Print from the Epson website, ensure that you have downloaded and installed the Easy Print Module if this is listed as an available download for your product (required).

  1. Select the photos to print

    If you have already selected photos, move to Step 2.

    1. Start EPSON Easy Photo Print from the Desktop shortcut icon, or from under the Creativity Suite program group in All Programs (Windows) or Applications (Mac OS X).

    2. Select the drive and the folder where you saved your photos on the left side of the screen. The photos in the selected folder are displayed as thumbnails, to remove a photo from the selection click the - button so it shows '0' copies.


      • RAW data (without thumbnail data) will take more time to be displayed.

      • You can find the photos by specifying the file name or the modified date. Choose Find Photos from the File menu. If Show Results is active (in the File menu), choosing Show Results will display the result of your previous search.

    3. Select your photo so it appears in the Photos to Print column on the right side of the Easy Photo Print window, you can also select how many copies of this photo you would like to print by clicking the + or - buttons under the photo thumbnail.

    4. Once you have selected the photos you would like to print, click the Next Step button to select your layout and print settings.

  2. Select your print and layout settings

    Epson Easy Photo Print allows you to control the layout, size and quality of the printed image, whilst also displaying a preview. Click on Show for further details on how to adjust these settings.

    1. Click on Printer Settings.

    2. Select your printer, paper source, paper type, paper size, print quality and borderless setting then click OK to return to the Easy Photo Print screen.

    3. Select your layout using the Select Layout section under Printer Settings, for example if you would like to print four images on the same sheet, select Borderless (4).


      You can add a frame to your photos before you print using the Frame Menu, for detailed instructions on doing this refer to article How do I add a frame around my photo with Easy Photo Print?

    4. To access additional settings and effects, click on the Image Correct button at the top of the screen. These print features allow you to make adjustments to enhance the printed image without altering the original photo file. Amongst the options are PhotoEnhance (including the ability print photos with vivid colours, as well as in black and white using the Monochrome setting), Fix Red-Eye, Brightness controls, and Digital Camera Correction.


      PhotoEnhance is great for automatically adjusting the colour levels and brightness of the image. You can also select a Scene Correction setting from the drop-down menu to achieve the colours correct for the type of image (e.g. people, landscapes).

      For digital cameras that support PRINT Image Matching (PIM for short), we recommend selecting this Auto Correct setting for colour accurate print results.

    5. Once you have selected your desired print settings and the preview matches the print , click the Print button in the bottom right hand corner.

For further information, refer to the in-program guide; select the Help menu item from the top of the program window and then click on EPSON Easy Photo Print User's Guide.

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