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Dot Matrix: How to install and use the Standard or High Capacity cut-sheet feeder (CSF)


  • Dot Matrix printer range
  • Models compatible with optional cut-sheet feeders (C12C806372, C12C806382)


When the printer is fitted with the standard or high capacity cut-sheet feeder (CSF), paper can be loaded automatically a sheet at a time when a print job is sent.

Available CSF options Image
Standard capacity, 50 sheets C12C806372
High capacity, 150 sheets C12C806382

First prepare the printer and CSF before installing the CSF unit.

Preparing the printer

  1. Remove the printer cover.
  2. Remove the rear paper guide.
  3. Remove the paper eject unit.

Preparing the CSF

  1. Insert the stacker supports on each paper guide. These are supplied with the printer.

  2. Insert the paper feeder rests on the paper guide of the CSF - three are provided with the Standard Capacity CSF, two with the High Capacity CSF.


  1. Insert the CSF in each shaft of the printer frames.

  2. Slide the left paper guide until it is aligned with the triangle mark. Slide the paper support midway between the left and right paper guides. 

  3. Release the latch blue lever of each side.

  4. Take a stack of paper and fan it. Next, tap the side and bottom edges of the paper on a flat surface to even up the stack. Insert the paper stack in the CSF along the left paper guide.


    • You can insert A4, A5 or A6 paper.
    • You can load up to 50 sheets with the Standard Capacity CSF and up to 150 sheets with the High Capacity CSF.

  5. Slide the right paper guide to roughly match the width of your paper.

  6. Once the paper guides are adjusted and paper positioned correctly, lock the latch blue levers on each side, in pushing them backwards completely.


    The steps above are the same using either the Standard Capacity CSF or High Capacity CSF.

Install the parts removed from the printer

Install the following:

  1. Paper Guide Rear (not with the High Capacity CSF (C12C806382))
  2. Paper Eject Unit
  3. Printer Cover

    Make sure the release lever is set to '0' (in the friction position).

Selecting the paper path to print (Bin 1 or Bin 2)

Bin 1 is always the loading position when using the standard or high capacity CSF. Bin 2 is used only when both the standard and high capacity CSFs are assembled. You can select the paper path via the printer's control panel or the printer driver settings.

It is best to select the paper path in your application program because software settings usually override the printer's control panel settings. However, if you cannot select the paper path in your application, select a path by pressing the Tear Off/Bin button until the light indicates the bin you want as shown below.


Do not load multipart forms, carbon paper, or labels in either of the cut-sheet feeders. Paper jams and misalignment of characters occur frequently if these types of media are used.

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