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When I try to print or add/install my printer, I see the message "The RPC server is unavailable" and I cannot print. What can I do?


  • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • All Epson printers and All-In-One products
  • Windows error messages
  • Printing fails


If you see the following message when you try to print, there may be a problem with a component of the operating system.

"The RPC server is unavailable"

This message indicates that the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) service is unavailable, or has stopped. First, we recommend making sure that the Print Spooler service is running ('started'). You cannot print when the service is stopped. In some circumstances you may need to stop and/or restart the service.

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If you continue to experience this problem, we also recommend checking that the Remote Procedure Call service and its dependencies such as the 'DCOM Server Process Launcher' service is running and set to startup automatically.

If you are using a network printer and continue to see this message after following one of the articles above, then we recommend checking that the DHCP Client service is running.

You can also check these services in the Services console (Start > Run -> services.msc). If you require assistance with these steps, or if you continue to experience this error after following the guidance above then please contact Microsoft for further assistance, as this error relates to your Windows operating system.

In addition to contacting Microsoft directly, one of the following Microsoft support articles which document this error may be of help:

If you no longer experience the error but printing fails, you may need to clear the print queue before printing again. In some cases, uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver may help.

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