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Can I set up my printer for both a USB and network connection?


  • Epson printers/All-In-Ones with a USB interface and network interface (Ethernet or Wi-Fi)


The printer supports only one connection type at a time to a single computer; it does not support a single computer using more than one interface to send data to the printer. Depending on your printer type and model, you have the choice of one of the following connection types:

  • USB or Ethernet (e.g. BX310FN, B-500DN, C1100N).
  • USB, Parallel, Serial or Type B Ethernet (selected Dot Matrix printers).
  • USB or Ethernet /FireWire or Ethernet (selected Large Format printers).
  • USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi (models with integrated Wi-Fi e.g. PX710W, PX800FW, SX510W).

If you intend to have multiple computers using the printer, you have the option of connecting one computer with a USB cable and setting up the other computers to use its network connection (Ethernet, or for some models Ethernet/Wi-Fi).


If all of the computers you intend to use with the printer are connected to the same network, you may not need to use a USB connection. Instead you can set up all computers to connect to the printer using its network interface. See your printer's Setup Guide or Network Guide for further information.

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