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Support & Downloads: Epson Stylus SX510W

How do I send a document on my computer as a fax with my All-In-One?


  • These models:
    • Stylus Office BX305FW, BX305FW+ / BX305FW Plus, BX310FN, BX320FW, BX610FW, BX625FWD, BX630FW, BX635FWD, BX925FWD, BX935FWD
    • Stylus Photo PX810FW, PX820FWD, PX830FWD
    • Stylus SX610FW, SX620FW
    • WorkForce WF-2510WF, WF-2520NF, WF-2530WF, WF-2540WF, WF-3520DWF, WF-3530DTWF, WF-3540DTWF
    • Expression Premium XP-800
    • Expression Photo XP-850
  • Faxing from a Windows computer over a wireless or wired Ethernet connection
  • Windows 8 32-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Vista 32-bit, Visa 64-bit, XP 32-bit, XP 64-bit, 2000


The included Fax via PC function allows you to send a fax directly from applications such as Microsoft Word. This is an easy way to send a fax and it saves time as you do not need to print the document and fax it using the paper printout.

This feature is available when the All-In-One is connected to a network via a wired Ethernet or wireless connection (BX310FN is Ethernet only).

To send the fax, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the document.

  2. Click on Print from the application's menu.

  3. Select the FAX option from the list of available printers e.g. EPSON Stylus Office BXxxx Series (FAX).

  4. To change the Paper Size, Orientation, Colour, Image Quality, or Character Density settings, click the Preferences or Properties button.


    If you see a Setup, Printer, or Options button, click on it. Then click Preferences or Properties on the next screen.

  5. Select the Page Range as necessary. Leave the Number of copies set to one.


    You can fax up to 100 pages, including the cover sheet.

  6. Click Print. If you're faxing for the first time, you see the Enter Sender Information window. Enter your sender information so that recipients can identify the origin of the fax. Then click OK to save the sender information.

  7. The Addressee Settings window appears. Here you will see two tabs; Phonebook and Direct Input.

    When you use this function for the first time, you will not have saved any contacts. Click on Direct Input and enter the recipient's details. You have the option Save to Phonebook, and by clicking this button the contact details will be saved and available to select from the Phonebook tab next time you open this window.

  8. Click Add to add the sending details and repeat this process if you want to add more than one recipient. You can also add a cover sheet if required - click into the box beside Add Cover Sheet and select a cover sheet style, and enter your subject and comment information.

  9. Click Next and follow the on-screen instructions to send the fax.

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