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Which Epson products can use SDHC memory cards?

SDHC is an acronym for Secure Digital High Capacity. The SDHC card technology is only compatible with the latest devices which display the SDHC logo on the product retail box, product brochure, or user guide for example. SDHC cards start at 4GB and are currently available up to 32GB. SDHC has been devised to provide higher capacity and faster read/write speeds for new digital devices such as those that capture high resolution images and high definition video. SDHC memory cards come in 4 speeds; Class 2 (slowest), Class 4, Class 6 and Class 10 (fastest) respectively. These are all minimum measures of read/write speed in MB per second. The SanDisk Ultra II and Extreme III ranges operate at much faster speeds.

Standard SD card devices will not accept SDHC memory cards. As SDHC cards are not backwards-compatible with older devices that specify only SD card technology, please check with your device handbook before purchasing to make sure that your device supports the SDHC format.

Please note that SDHC devices are backwards-compatible, which means they will accept standard SD cards.

The following products support SDHC (and SD) memory cards. If your product is not listed here and was released in 2009 or later, please check the Technical Specifications for memory card compatibility information.


Commercially available adapters will be required to use miniSD, miniSDHC, microSD, and microSDHC formats.

Product range Models with SDHC support
Photoviewer/Multimedia Storage Viewer P-3000, P-5000, P-6000, P-7000
PictureMate PM240, PM260, PM280, PM290
Stylus DX DX5000/DX5050, DX6000/DX6050, DX7000F, DX7400/DX7450, DX8400/DX8450, DX9400F, DX9400F Wi-Fi Edition
Stylus Office BX525WD, BX535WD, BX600FW, BX610FW, BX625FWD, BX630FW, BX635FWD, BX925FWD, BX935FWD
Stylus Photo PX PX650, PX660, PX700W, PX710W, PX720WD, PX730WD, PX800FW, PX810FW, PX820FWD, PX830FWD
Stylus Photo R R360
Stylus Photo RX RX560, RX585, RX685
Stylus SX SX200/SX205, SX210/SX215, SX218, SX400/SX405 Wi-Fi Edition, SX410/SX415, SX420W/SX425W, SX435W, SX445W, SX510W/SX515W, SX525WD, SX535WD, SX600FW, SX610FW, SX620FW
Expression XP XP-302, XP-305, XP-312, XP-315, XP-322, XP-325, XP-332, XP-335, XP-342, XP-345, XP-402, XP-405, XP-412, XP-415, XP-422, XP-425, XP-432, XP-435, XP-442, XP-445, XP-520, XP-530, XP-540, XP-600, XP-605, XP-610, XP-615, XP-620, XP-625, XP-630, XP-635, XP-640, XP-645, XP-700, XP-710, XP-720, XP-750, XP-760 XP-800, XP-810, XP-820, XP-830, XP-850, XP-860, XP-900, XP-950, XP-960
WorkForce WF WF-3520DWF, WF-3530DTWF, WF-3540DTWF, WF-3620DWF, WF-3640DTWF, WF-7610DWF, WF-7620DTWF

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