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Why is the printer driver name not the same as the printer model?


  • Epson Stylus A4 and A3+ printers.
  • Epson Stylus All-In-One products.


Some Epson printers form part of a 'Series'. They are effectively the same but differ slightly in name, colour, or for some in interface options. The derivative model in an A4 printer 'Series' is often named similarly but carries the suffix '+', '50', or '05'.

As each printer model and its derivative model are effectively the same, they will share the same printer driver. The result is that the original Series model name is displayed on operating system screens, e.g. printers folder (Windows), Printer List (Mac OS X), and by Status Monitor. An example of this is the DX7450, which will be listed as the DX7400.

Please see below for a table listing the models that this applies to:

Product Name Listed Name in Printers/Printers and Faxes
Stylus C40+ EPSON Stylus C40
Stylus C42+ EPSON Stylus C42
Stylus C70+ EPSON Stylus C70
Stylus D88+ EPSON Stylus D88
Stylus CX3650 EPSON Stylus CX3600
Stylus DX3850 EPSON Stylus DX3800
Stylus DX4050 EPSON Stylus DX4000
Stylus DX4250 EPSON Stylus DX4200
Stylus DX4450 EPSON Stylus DX4450
Stylus DX4850 EPSON Stylus DX4850
Stylus DX5050 EPSON Stylus DX5000
Stylus DX6050 EPSON Stylus DX6000
Stylus DX7450 EPSON Stylus DX7400
Stylus DX8450 EPSON Stylus DX8400
Stylus Photo 1290S EPSON Stylus Photo 1290
Stylus Photo R245 EPSON Stylus Photo R240
Stylus Photo RX425 EPSON Stylus Photo RX420
Stylus SX105 EPSON Stylus SX100
Stylus SX115 EPSON Stylus SX110
Stylus SX205 EPSON Stylus SX200
Stylus SX215 EPSON Stylus SX210
Stylus SX405 (Wi-Fi Edition) EPSON Stylus SX400
Stylus SX415 EPSON Stylus SX410
Stylus SX425W EPSON Stylus SX420W
Stylus SX515W EPSON Stylus SX510W

An exception to this is the Stylus Photo 1290S ('S' = Silver version), which is a re-release of the popular Stylus Photo 1290. Another exception is Epson Stylus inkjet printers that have additional/different letters at the end of the model name to indicate what interface the printer has. An example of this is the Stylus Color 480 and the Stylus Color 480SXU. The original 480 has a Parallel interface only; the 480SXU has both a Parallel and USB interface.

SX   Parallel only
UX   USB only
SXU   Parallel and USB

These models are as follows:

Product Name Listed Name in Printers/Printers and Faxes
Stylus C20SX, C20UX EPSON Stylus C20
Stylus C40SX, C40UX EPSON Stylus C40
Stylus Color 480SXU EPSON Stylus Color 480

Epson produce Laser printers where additional letters are used to represent additional optional features that a product may come with, e.g. a Cabinet (C), Auto Duplex unit (D), Fax (F), Network Card (N), PCL5 (PC5) or PCL6 (PC6) support, Postscript support (PS), extra Cassette Tray (T). 'L' may be used to indicate that it is a 'light' version. The original model may have more features than the 'L' version such as wider printer emulation language support, optional networking, different engine resolution, higher maximum monthly page volume, and more product options.

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