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How can I cure horizontal banding?


  • Print quality issues - horizontal banding
  • Stylus Inkjet printers and All-In-One products


First you need to establish if the print head is performing to its optimum. The Head Cleaning utility will confirm this for you.

  1. Print a nozzle check from the utility section of the printer driver.
    • Windows: Open the Properties or Printing Preferences for your Epson printer. You can access this section from the File > Print menu of the application you are printing from, or the Printers folder via Control Panel. Click on the Maintenance or Utility tab in the driver and select Nozzle Check.

    • Mac OS X: Double-click the EPSON Printer Utility/ Utility2/ Utility3 icon in the Applications folder. If prompted, select the printer from the Printer List, then click OK. The Utility window opens. Click on the Nozzle Check icon.

  2. When the check has printed, compare the printout to the examples below:

    Good nozzle check sample:
    (print head does not need cleaning)
    Poor nozzle check sample
    (print head needs to be cleaned)

  3. To access and check the print settings (such as media selection and print quality), select File then Print from within the application you wish to print from. Select your Epson printer from the list of printers. For Mac OS X, select Print Settings from the menu, for Windows select Preferences or Properties.

  4. Ensure you are using Genuine Epson media and match it to the correct choice in the driver.


  5. Check that the paper/media is printable side up.

  6. Check that you are using the a suitable setting for the media in use - please refer to the guidance that came with your media. If you are experiencing banding, try selecting the highest suitable quality setting in the printer driver.

    Slide the Print Quality bar to Quality, or select a Photo or Best Photo setting (depending on your operating system version or driver version). You can access further options in the Advanced section of the driver.

    Print Quality

  7. Use the Status Monitor utility to check whether the ink levels are low. If the ink cartridges are low or have been installed for a period longer than six months it is recommended that you replace them.

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