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Support & Downloads: Epson Stylus SX510W

Epson and Windows XP x64 compatibility


  • Epson software and driver compatibility.
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition


Epson is committed to supporting the Windows XP 64-bit platform and will continue to develop Applications and Device drivers across our range of digital imaging products.

The x64 architecture is an extension to the current x86 architecture used by Intel and AMD processors. Intel in particular has had other 64-bit platforms in the past (notably the Itanium), but these have been targeted for server and enterprise application. Windows XP x64 brings the benefits of 64-bit computing to mainstream desktop and notebook systems.

One key difference between 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP-based computing lies in the 64-bit version's ability to use much more system memory. Windows XP x64 Edition can support up to 128GB of RAM.

Another major benefit of the x64 architecture is better performance. This is due to the increased number of registers on x64 processors, as well as the improved design of the floating point unit (FPU) on these processors. Windows XP Professional x64 Edition will run on the AMD Athlon 64, AMD Opteron, Intel Xeon with EM64T and Intel Pentium 4 with EM64T.

Some products are supported using drivers supplied with the operating system or inbox drivers. Other products require specially designed 64-bit drivers which are or will be made available for download from the Epson support website - please visit this download library to download the lastest versions of the Windows XP 64-bit drivers.


After 2006, Windows XP x64 drivers are provided on the CD-ROM supplied with your product - operating system support is confirmed in the product specifications. However, the latest driver is always available to download from the Epson support website.

For digital cameras, picture viewers or old printers, use the drivers included on the Windows XP x64 installation CD-ROM (normally installed with Windows and installed through Plug and Play or the Add Hardware Wizard).

Click below for list of printer drivers included with Windows XP x64 edition:

Printers supported with Microsoft drivers
Stylus Pro XL+ ESC/P2
Stylus Pro XL ESC/P2
Stylus Pro ESC/P2
Stylus Photo EX ESC/P2
Stylus Photo EX3 ESC/P2
Stylus Photo 2000P ESC/P2
Stylus Photo 1270 ESC/P2
Stylus Photo 1200 ESC/P2
Stylus Photo 870 ESC/P2
Stylus Photo 750 ESC/P2
Stylus Photo 720 ESC/P2
Stylus Photo 700 ESC/P2
Stylus Photo ESC/P2
Stylus Color II ESC/P2
Stylus Color IIs ESC/P2
Stylus Color ESC/P2
Stylus Color 1160 ESC/P2
Stylus Color 980 ESC/P2
Stylus Color 900 ESC/P2
Stylus Color 860 ESC/P2
Stylus Color 850 ESC/P2
Stylus Color 800 ESC/P2
Stylus Color 777 ESC/P2
Stylus Color 740 ESC/P2
Stylus Color 760 ESC/P2
Stylus Color 680 ESC/P2
Stylus Color 670 ESC/P2
Stylus Color 660 ESC/P2
Stylus Color 640 ESC/P2
Stylus Color 600 ESC/P2
Stylus Color 500 ESC/P2
Stylus Color 460 ESC/P2
Stylus Color 440 ESC/P2
Stylus Color 400 ESC/P2
Stylus Color 460 ESC/P2
Stylus Color 3000 ESC/P2
Stylus Color 200 ESC/P2
Stylus Color 1520 ESC/P2
Stylus 820 ESC/P2
Stylus 800 ESC/P2
Stylus 800+ ESC/P2
Stylus 400 ESC/P2
Stylus 300 ESC/P2
Stylus 200 ESC/P2
Stylus 1500 ESC/P2
Stylus 1000 ESC/P2

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Notes Icon Note:

At this time, Epson do not provide support for the Itanium (IA64) high-end server platform, although compatible drivers are included in the operating system for a wide range of printers and scanners. See the Microsoft support website for more information.

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