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My Epson All-In-One doesn't have a film adapter. Can I scan film with my All-In-One's scanner?


  • Film scanning.
  • All-In-One models without TPU/Film Adapter


Your Epson All-In-One is unable to scan film/transparencies. The reason for this is that the unit does not have an integrated Transparency Unit (TPU) in the lid. An optional TPU/Film Adapter accessory is not available for this product.

This article addresses common questions about our All-In-One range and film scanning.


I have tried to scan film but the image is poor and under-exposed:

As your Epson All-In-One is unable to scan film or transparencies, any scans of film will be very poor. The reason for this is that the film is scanned as if it were a reflective document, such as a photo or letter. In order to scan film, a scanner needs to use a Transparency Unit (or TPU for short). This product does not have an integrated TPU.

No film holders were provided with my All-In-One:

Film holders are only supplied with Epson products that support film scanning. As your Epson All-In-One is unable to scan film/transparencies, film holders are not included with your product.

Is an optional Film Adapter available?

No, an optional Transparency Unit/Film Adapter accessory is not available for this product.

What is a TPU and why is a TPU required to scan film?

  • To scan film at a good quality and produce an exposed positive image, an overhead light source is required. This light source is a Transparency Unit (TPU).
  • This is required to shine through the film, to enable exposure when scanned to produce a positive digital image and ensure detail, colour, and colour depth is captured.

Why do some products support film scanning and my All-In-One does not?

Only selected Epson Photo range All-In-One products have an integrated TPU.

  • The Photo range is aimed at the "photo enthusiast" market, but these products can also be used for everyday printing, scanning, and copying.

  • The 'CX' and 'DX' general purpose All-In-One products are designed for general use in the home or small office and for those who wish to print the occasional photo.

  • All-In-One models that have an integrated TPU are:

    Stylus Photo RX500, RX520, RX600, RX620, RX640 and RX700.

    These models can scan 35 mm film and slides only (other film formats / sizes are not supported).

  • Most Epson Perfection scanners have an integrated TPU.

You can scan Color and Black & White 35 mm film, as well as 35 mm slides. Our higher-end models also support medium format, and up to large format (5 x 4") film. Recent models with this feature are the Perfection 4990 Photo, V700 Photo, and V750 Pro.

We recommend looking at the range of Epson scanning products that have an integrated or optional TPU. The product specifications will state if a product has a Film Adapter/TPU and if so, the film sizes supported. Film holders for the stated supported sizes are provided with the product.

Additional information for Windows 2000, XP, Vista Users

  • It may not be possible to use two USB scanners at the same time in Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. One scanner unit should be turned off as the other is used.
  • This is due to the fact that the Windows usbscan.sys file cannot be used by two devices simultaneously. This file is used in combination with a scanner driver to operate USB scanners in Windows.

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