GoBoard Education - 5 year Licence


For learning to be successful, it needs to be engaging, collaborative and promote productivity. GoBoard Education allows learning environments to achieve all three. With powerful interactive tools and highly flexible connectivity, it represents the next generation in collaborative learning.

GoBoard Education - 5 year Licence

Connect, create and collaborate

Promotes interactive learning

GoBoard offers a host of interactive features, from an advanced whiteboard to interactivity with student devices - it is even compatible with AirPlay, Google Cast and Miracast. With advanced features such as autodraw, shape recognition and OCR as well as the ability to import Microsoft Office files, PDFs and many others - enabling teachers and students to collaborate efficiently.

Collaboration made easy

Integration with leading video conferencing apps makes remote learning easy - and when connected to the same network, students using the free companion app can see the whiteboard and can even share their ideas and content on the display. With apps for Windows, iOS, Chromebook and Android, students can use almost any device to access and contribute to the lesson.

Hardware independent

GoBoard is compatible with any interactive display. Whether using an Epson display or not, GoBoard offers the same flexibility and ease of use. GoBoard Education can be installed on a dedicated host PC or a teachers' laptop.

Teacher Console

GoBoard Education also provides convenient management and storage of lesson content, so the time-consuming task of lesson planning and creation is never wasted – multiple lessons can be saved to the cloud, indexed, backed-up and then shared whenever they’re needed.

1 GoBoard for Education requires a Windows PC for the software to be installed on. Intel NUC or other Windows 10 PC is compatible. This is not sold by Epson and must be purchased by the customer or channel.