Email Print for Enterprise – 250 users

Email Print for Enterprise – 250 users


Keeping all documents within the company firewall at all times, this driverless solution for intranet systems ensures content remains secure, while pull and push print modes offer differing options for document confidentiality. With both options users send the document to print via email from any compatible device.

 £782.40 incl. VAT (£652.00 ex. VAT)

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Email Print for Enterprise – 250 users

Secure printing solution

Fast and secure printing

Files remain secure when printing via PCs connected to the network or mobile devices connected via Wi-Fi in the office, as they are within the company network, and therefore protected via the firewall.

Flexible for IT managers

Available via a choice of three licence packages, the system is easily integrated into existing IT infrastructures. Active Directory support allows users to sign-in with their current computer login details, so IT managers do not need to set up new email addresses and passwords for the system. Automatic deletion of unreleased documents after a pre-defined time, helps IT managers to reduce print costs.

Easy-to-use for end users

Designed for use with computers and the increasing number of tablets and smartphones within business environments; printing is as easy as sending an email.

Pull printing

For high-level document security, pull print mode ensures pending files do not show in the print queue and requires the user to log into an intranet-based interface to release the print from the printer after sending.

Push printing

Standard push print mode, while also secure, offers simple send-to-print functionality. Simply send a file to any compatible printer's email address and print the body of the email, as well as attachments, such as Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and photos.