How to Send ESC/ Commands to a Projector

  1. Download and install Hercules Setup Utility.
  2. Hercules can be downloaded here.

  3. Once installed run Hercules.

  4. Select the TCP Client tab.
  5. Enter the projector's IP address in the Module IP box and enter 3629 in the Port and click Connect.

  6. Copy and paste the bellow command into the send box.

    45 53 43 2F 56 50 2E 6E 65 74 10 03 00 00 00 00

  7. Tick the check box for HEX and click the Send button.
  8. Once the ESC/ command is sent the projector responds with ESC/
  9. Once connected to the projector you can send ESC/VP commands.
  10. Commands can be sent as either as ASCII or Hexadecimal codes.
  11. To check the power status of the projector type PWR? and click Send. means the projector will send back a response.
  12. Another example is using the LAMP? command to find out the number of lamp hours.

To send Hexadecimal commands the ASCII command needs to be converted. Click here to visit a Hex To ASCII Converter. Add 0d to the end of the command and click the HEX box.

  • PWR? = 50 57 52 3f 0d

  • LAMP? = 4c 41 4d 50 3f 0d

Additional commands can be found in the ESC/VP21 Command User’s Guide,Click here to download.