Epson and the Environment

Epson is a leader in digital imaging innovation, with key strengths in imaging on paper, screen and glass. In this fast developing market there is continuous need for technological innovation and the development of imaginative, state-of-the-art products. In this ever-changing world, however, one factor remains constant: Epson's energetic commitment to co-exist with nature by balancing leading-edge technology with excellent environmental performance.

Environmental Responsibility

Epson is committed to achieving co-existence between business and the global environment. A business is sustainable only when its economic development can co-exist with a healthy environment. Epson considers harmony with the natural environment to be a top priority and this belief forms the basis of our approach to environmental management.

When Epson designs any new product it tries to minimise the impact this product has on the environment during its lifecycle. This means that Epson does not only focus on one stage of the lifecycle but tries to take into consideration manufacturing, use phase, transportation and the end of life phase.

  • We believe environmental performance is an integral part of product quality.
  • Our core design philosophy is to build products with energy-saving and resource saving design and to eliminate hazardous substances from the planning and design phase onwards.
  • We produce earth-friendly products with enhanced life cycles.

Does Epson have an Environmental Policy?

Yes. Epson is an Environmental leader and strives to operate in harmony with nature. The first version of our Environmental Policy was published in 1994.

Epson will integrate environmental considerations into its corporate activities and actively strive to meet high conservation standards in fulfilling its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.

The following activities will be pursued by the entire Epson Group in keeping with the Environmental Philosophy:

  • Creating and providing Earth-friendly products.
  • Transforming all processes to reduce the burden on the environment.
  • Recovering and recycling used products.
  • Sharing environmental information and contributing to regional and international conservation efforts.
  • Continually improving the environmental management system.

Epson publishes an annual Environmental Report

Epson believes that transparency about our operations and vision is essential. Therefore, we report annually on our environmental achievements. Recently we have also started to integrate our social activities into the same report under the heading Sustainability Report.

You can view our latest report and where to find more information about our environmental reporting via the Environmental section of our website under "Environmental data".

Environmental Management

Epson was one of the first companies (2001) worldwide to have both its manufacturing facilities and sales companies registered under ISO 14001. Epson Telford (UK) was the first Epson factory registered under ISO 14001 in 1995.

You can view our current ISO 14001 certificate via the Environmental section of our website.

ISO 14001 is the international standard that defines how an organisation should manage its environmental aspects.

  • Eco-Design: Epson has developed several internal standards that ensure that all products get an environmental assessment.
  • Reduce/Reuse/Recycle - using fewer materials to make better products. Epson fully supports the WEEE Directive and operates a consumable recycling scheme, Collect & Recycle.
  • Elimination of Hazardous Substances - Epson meets the requirements of the RoHS Directive. You can download a PDF version of the statement here.
  • Epson products do not contain CFC's - Epson was one of the first companies to achieve a complete phase out of the use of CFC's in 1993.
  • Partner of Energy Star - The majority of Epson products meet the Energy Star criteria; producing energy-efficient products to save money, energy and help protect the environment.
  • Epson uses Life Cycle Assessments to improve the design of its products.
  • Environmental Labels - All Epson products are built according to the highest possible environmental standards.

Many technologies have been born from Epson's day-to-day efforts to create products that are in harmony with the environment. Epson believe in Corporate Social Responsibility and this is implemented throughout the corporation on a global scale.

In many other fields, particularly for production methods, Epson has won many awards for its environmental activities and awareness.

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