Epson Projectors | No image with Blackmagicdesign ATEM Mini Pro switcher


No image is displayed or No Signal is detected on Epson Projectors that are connected to the HDMI-out port of the ATEM Mini Pro switcher.


Please update the projector firmware to the latest version

The firmware release schedule depending on projector model, see the table below for firmware update release date:

Model Expected Firmware Release Date
EB-2040, EB-2140W, EB-2155W, EB-2165W,
EB-2055, EB-2065, EB-2245U, EB-2250U,
EB-2255U, EB-2265U
End of October, 2020
EB-L1070U, EB-L1075U, EB-L1050U Beginning of February, 2021
EB-L400, EB-L500W, EB-L510U, EB-L610,
EB-L610W, EB-L610U, EB-L615U
Middle of February, 2021
EB-L1000U, EB-L1100U, EB-L1105U, EB-L1200U,
EB-L1300U, EB-L1405U, EB-L1500U, EB-L1505U
Early March, 2021
EB-L1490U, EB-L1495U, EB-L1510S, EBL1515S,
EB-L1500UH, EB-L1505UH, EB-L1710S, EB-L1715S,
EB-L1750U, EB-L1755U
Early March, 2021
EB-S31, EB-S04, EB-X04, EB-X31,
EB-W04, EB-W31, EB-W32, EH-TW540,
EB-U32, EB-U04
Early March, 2021
EB-G7000W, EB-G7100, EB-G7200W, EB-G7400U,
EB-G7500U, EB-G7805, EB-G7905U
Early March, 2021
EB-2040, EB-2065, EB-2140W, EB-2155W,
EB-2165W, EB-2245U, EB-2250U, EB-2255U,
Middle of March, 2021
EB-5510, EB-5520W, EB-5530U, EB-5535U Middle of March, 2021
EB-695Wi, EB-685Wi, EB-680Wi, EB-675Wi,
EB-685W, EB-675W, EB-680, EB-670
Middle of March, 2021
EB-L25000U End of March, 2021
EB-1460Ui, EB-1450Ui, EB-696Ui, EB-1440Ui Beginning of April. 2021
EB-1470Ui, EB-710Ui, EB-700U, EH-LS100 Beginning of April. 2021
The firmware release dates listed above are subject to change