Epson Projectors with Crestron RoomView / Connected Control and Adobe Flash Player


This knowledge base article is for Crestron RoomView / Connected compatible Epson projectors.

Adobe announced the end of Flash Player by the 31st of December, to which Flash will not be available to download from the Adobe website, and web browsers will notify users to remove the plugin or flash player support by this date.

Without the Adobe Flash player plugin, when connecting and selecting the RoomView option from the browser, users will not be able to access the content shown below.
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It’s important to note that existing Crestron systems will continue to control the Epson projector providing there is no change to the existing configuration. However, as Flash will have been uninstalled or removed, the configuration of the connection between Crestron control processors and Epson projectors will not be available.

For example, this will be an issue for new installations of projectors, after a projector reset, or configuring a projector to a different Crestron system.


For current Epson projectors, a firmware will be available from February 2021 onwards. In this update the RoomView function will be removed and the following key configuration settings shown below will move to the projector’s OSD menu.
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  • Control System IP Address / Hostname
  • IP ID
  • Port number

These settings will be moved to the following locations:
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The list of projectors that will receive a firmware update is at the end of this article.

Please continue to visit this support page for the most up-to-date information and the latest firmware downloads.

Alternative Solutions

A number of alternative solutions are available in order to continue using the Crestron RoomView, these are listed below.

  1. Contact HARMAN, Adobe's official distribution licensing partner of Flash. HARMAN are available to provide Flash Player licensing support after the end of life date plus any other additional services.

    HARMAN - Flash Player Support Program for Enterprise:

  2. The standalone player for Flash that is utilized by developers is currently available, this can be used to open the Crestron interface panel on the projector.


    This tool may be removed at some point in time, it is therefore recommended to download it as soon as possible.

    To use the tool, see the instructions below:

    1. Download the Flash player tool named “Download the Flash Player projector” from the link below:
    2. Enter the URL of the Crestron interface from the standalone Flash player. (Where [projector.ip] should be the Epson projector’s IP address)

      Crestron Connected:


      Crestron RoomView:


  3. See the links below for further information, this also contains some information for extending Flash playback support, however this may no longer be available:

    Adobe - Flash Player EOL FAQ for Consumers:

    Adobe - Flash Player EOL FAQ for Enterprise:

    Microsoft - Update on Adobe Flash Player End of Support:

    Mozilla Firefox Browser - End of support for Adobe Flash:

Firmware Release Schedule for supported Epson projectors.

Model Expected Firmware Release Date
EB-L400, EB-L500W, EB-L510U, EB-L610, EB-L610W, EB-L610U, EB-L615U 15th February 2021
EB-L1100U, EB-L1200U, EB-L1300U, EB-L1405U, EB-L1490U, EB-L1495U, EB-L1500U, EB-L1505U 25th February 2021
EB-L1500UH, EB-L1505UH, EB-L1715S, EB-L1710S, EB-L1750U, EB-L1755U 1st March 2021
EB-G7000W, EB-G7100, EB-G7200W, EB-G7400U, EB-G7500U, EB-G7805, EB-G7905U 4th March 2021
EB-L1060U, EB-L1060W, EB-L1070U, EB-L1070W, EB-L1075U 8th March 2021
EB-975W, EB-2040, EB-2065, EB-2140W, EB-2155W, EB-2165W, EB-2245U, EB-2250U, EB-2255U, EB-2265U 11th March 2021
EB-5530U, EB-5535U, EB-5520W, EB-5510 16th March 2021
EB-695Wi, EB-685Wi, EB-680Wi, EB-675Wi, EB-685W, EB-675W, EB-680, EB670 18th March 2021
EB-L25000U 22nd March 2021
EB-L20000U, EB-L20002U, EB-L12000Q, EB-L12002Q 25th March 2021
EB-1470Fi, EB-1480Fi, EB-1485Fi 29th March 2021
EB-1460Ui, EB-1450Ui, EB-696Ui, EB-1440Ui 31st March 2021
EB-1470Ui, EB-710Ui, EB-700U, EH-LS100 7th April 2021

The firmware will be available to download from the specific product software download page.

The firmware release dates listed above are subject to change.