Microsoft Word | Document Won’t Print From The Paper Cassette


Sometimes when printing a word document, it will not print to select output

When printing labels on a printer with CD printing capabilities the correct selections are made, but when the user clicks on print, the message pops up, extend CD tray (even though the user has not selected the CD option).

The reason for this is because the document has its own setting which can override the printer driver settings, but this can be corrected with a few clicks and providing the document is saved after the changes the document will keep those settings.


  1. Open the document in word and then select Layout.

    Alternate Text

  2. Click on Margins.

    Alternate Text

  3. Click on Custom Margins.

    Alternate Text

  4. Select the Paper tab.

    Alternate Text


    Current setting is CD/DVD Tray.

  5. Change both the paper outputs to the correct ones.

    Alternate Text

    Both the first page and other pages need to be change, because if the user doesn’t then the first page will print and the second, third etc. pages will default to the selected output.

    Save the document once the changes have been made or this will have to be done every time.