X-Rite i1 Target Versions


The Epson Perfection V850 Pro is supplied with X-Rite i1 scanner software (2016 version) and targets versions of 2019 however the 2016 version of X-Rite i1 software does not include the latest target profile for the 2019 targets that are supplied with the current sold scanners.


When X-Rite issues a new calibration target it can be used with older versions of the software. However, it will be necessary to download the reference file for this new target from the X-Rite website.

This reference file tells the software what the exact colours of the new calibration target are. In this way, after the scan, the software can compare the scan with what the colours should actually be.


New target profiles can be downloaded from the X-Rite website.

The reference file names begin with "MONT..." followed by a date, after downloading the reference files extract the reference file that matches the date displayed on your target file (shown below) into the appropriate location within your profiling software application folder.