ColorWorks C3500: Drivers, Utilities and Software


This document lists available Drivers, Firmware and 3rd party software for ColorWorks C3500 printer and describes the compatibility.



The new printer driver Version 2.0 and higher versions are not compatible with ColorWorks C3500 running with old firmware. Please check the following compatibility matrix and the important note for more clarification.

Compatibility matrix Old firmware (WAM30200/WAD30400) New firmware (WAD31000/WAM31000) and higher Version
Old driver Version 1.1.03a



New driver Version 2.0.0.x and higher






  • Printer driver version and higher version are not compatible with ColorWorks C3500 printer running Firmware versions prior to Ver.WAD31000 or Ver.WAM31000.
  • Printer driver version 1.x.x.x can be used with both Ver.WAD31000, Ver.WAM31000 and older ones.
  • Label formats created with printer driver Ver. 1 cannot be imported in printer driver Ver. 2 and higher..
  • The screen layout and the setting items of the printer driver Ver.2 and higher are partly different from those of the printer driver Ver.1. If you have no problem with use of Ver.1, we recommend you to keep using Ver.1.


Windows Driver

Install Navi is highly recommended for initial setup where the user will be guided with easy on-screen instructions to setup the printer and the computer.

The following can be downloaded from here

  • Driver Version 2.0.0.X and higher
  • Driver Version
    • Install Navi
    • Printer Driver


Firmware Updater Utility

Please consult the printer retailer, Service Integrator, or others prior to use this and also check special Mark on the Product Labels before continue with the update. Incorrect use of this may damage or cause the printer to malfunction.

Click here to check the Special Mark (dot) on the printer. This mark (dot) can be either Green colour dot or Orange colour dot.

The following can be downloaded from here

  • Latest Firmware
    • Printer with or without Mark on the Label
      • Version WAD31000/WAM31000 and higher
  • Older Firmware
    • Printer with Mark on the Label
      • Version WAM30200
    • Printer without on the Label
      • Version WAD30400

Label Software

NiceLabel for Epson - Nice Label

Latest NiceLabel software can be downloaded from here