LabelWorks: USB replacement service

  • LabelWorks USB products:
    • LW-600P
    • LW-700P
    • LW-900P
    • LW-1000P
    • LW-Z900
    • Pro-100
  • Connecting a LabelWorks printer by USB in Windows will create a printer driver instance.

  • If you unplug the first printer and replace with another printer distinguished with a different serial number. This will create a new driver instance Copy 1.

  • This article will explain how a USB replacement service will map any new printer driver instance to the original driver instance.

LabelWorks printers may be used in a chain of retail environments where we will want all printer drivers to behave the same way. If we create an environment on a template system in a lab using a particular printer and then image to many shop environments, then we would want all duplicate environments to behave like the template connected to the original printer. But normally when you connect a printer by USB, the system will treat each new printer differently, and will create a new copy driver instance with different settings

The USB replacement service ensures each new printer has the same name and driver settings as the original. When a new USB printer is added, a duplicate printer driver instance is temporarily created, e.g. “(Copy 1)”, but the service identifies it and maps it to the original driver with original settings. The duplicate printer driver is then removed.


Systems with older specifications may fail or slowly replace the driver copy.

It is installed for 32 and 64 bit Windows architecture simply by using an installation wizard.

Once it is installed, the service can be observed/ enabled and disabled in Windows services:

The LabelWorks USB replacement service is not available on our website but can be acquired from your local Epson Sales Company if required.