Usage of NiceLabel 2017 and driver for ColorWorks C7500 and C7500G


Using NiceLabel 2017 Free Edition Label software for ColorWorks C7500 and C7500G.


In order for to use the NiceLabel 2017 the following needed to be installed:

  1. Driver and for ColorWorks C7500 and C7500G
  2. NiceLabel 2017

These can be installed by following the article Installation of NiceLabel 2017 and Driver for ColorWorks C7500 and C7500G.

Create a new label

  1. Click on New Label.

  2. Select Epson TM-C7500 or TM-C7500G for NiceLabel printer and click Next.

  3. Select print on a sheet paper, and enter custom desired size i.e. 101 x 152 and click Next.

  4. Select the orientation and click Next.

    Alternate Text

  5. Make sure label dimensions are correct and click Next.

  6. Check the summary and cick Finish.

Design and Print

  1. Use the tools menu on the left side of the screen and design your label.

  2. Click Print, specify number of labels and click Print again to print the labels.