Epson Ultrachrome HDR

The next generation pigment ink

Opening a new era in colour performance.

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Epson is once again raising the standard for pigment ink performance with Ultrachrome HDR (High Dynamic Range).

Featuring two extra colours - green and orange - Epson Ultrachrome HDR provides a much wider tonal range. This means higher colour accuracy, greater subtlety and smoother gradations. As well as vivid green and orange tones, photo black and matte black cartridges can also be installed.

More vivid, natural and dazzling

The addition of orange and green inks takes inkjet colour performance to an entirely new level.  Grass and foliage will be much more vivid and natural, while orange tones like sunsets will be more dazzling. Photographers will be delighted to see that the orange ink also lessens the graininess in skin tones.

No matter what type of printing you are doing, Epson Ultrachrome HDR will give you quality unlike anything you've seen before.