Recycling Epson ink cartridges and packaging

Recycling Epson ink cartridges and packaging

To conserve valuable resources and reduce waste, we aim to use recycled materials and create recyclable products – including our ink cartridges and packaging.

This contributes to the target we have set ourselves to reduce our global carbon emissions by 90 per cent before 2050.

Ink cartridge recycling programme

Our free-of-charge service makes it easy for customers to dispose of their empty Epson ink cartridges in an environmentally friendly way. Choose from the following options:

You can also recycle toner and large format printer cartridges by returning them in the post or requesting collection boxes.

Whichever way you to choose to send us your cartridges and toner, we’ll ensure they are properly recycled.

Reducing packaging waste

When choosing the parts and raw materials that make up our products, we give preference to lower-impact alternatives.

This is why we’re changing our ink cartridge packaging to PET (polyethylene terephthalate) – a material which, as well as being fully recyclable, contains a minimum of 50 per cent recycled content.

By moving to the new PET material, we’re able to reduce the amount of CO2 generated throughout the entire lifecycle of our ink cartridge packaging by up to 63 per cent (this figures assumes that 100 per cent of the PET packaging waste is recycled).

Recycling our new ink cartridge packaging

Our new ink cartridge packaging is made from the same material that is used for household items such as plastic drinks bottles and detergents. As a result, PET has a well-established recycling scheme throughout Europe. And as the base and top are both made from the same material, the whole packaging unit is fully recyclable.

Recycling facilities can vary considerably depending on your local authority. In order to find the best method of recycling your Epson ink cartridge packaging, please contact your local authority for advice.

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