Transparent communication

We're actively and openly engaging with our stakeholders

Keeping our stakeholders in touch

Clear, open communication is essential in building good relationships with our stakeholders. At a glance, buyers, policy-makers, non-governmental organisations, suppliers, academia, press - to name just a few - need to know the action we are taking to minimise our eco footprint and help others do the same.

Environmental reporting

REACH regulation

We're on track to comply through our global plan

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We've been issuing an annual Environmental Report since 1999. In 2003, this was expanded and renamed the Sustainability Report, reflecting the inclusion of new material detailing our focus on social responsibility. Next to the Sustainability Report specific brochures focus on different aspects of environmental performance. A good example is our Environmental Guide which shows concrete examples of the environmental performance of our products.

How our products perform

Ecology profiles detailing environmental performance are available for the vast majority of our product lines. These profiles, along with other environmental information, can be accessed by contacting us. Learn more about the environmental data of the Epson Group, such as energy, global warming, substances and water.