Better for the environment - by design

Innovative products can be green from the start

We consider the environment at all stages of the product lifecycle


The environmental effects of a product are mostly determined at the planning and design stages.

At Epson, we follow three basic policies to ensure we create innovative, environmentally friendly products.

Energy-saving design

The power consumed during use accounts for a large portion of a product's total environmental impact across its life cycle. We set energy-conservation goals for each product and work to ensure steady progress.


During the design stage, efforts are made to minimise impact by reducing product size and weight and increasing the percentage of the product that is recyclable. Efforts are also made to simplify the recycling of products after they have been used.

Elimination of harmful substances

We specify substances that must be either excluded or controlled. Information is collected and managed in a which is used to ensure safety in all processes, from design and procurement to mass production.