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Epson Telford is at the forefront of Seiko Epson’s environmental activities and was the first site within the Group to receive ISO14001.

Accredited with ISO 14001 since 1996, it has provided a framework to manage our activities, and carry out regular audits to make sure that improvements are not only made, but maintained. A culture of continuous improvement pervades everything we do.

Our action to reduce energy consumption is working

Energy reduction has been a focus for the Telford site for over 12 years – with a strategy to reduce energy consumption throughout our processes. Over this time the savings have been significant through:

• reducing the number of fluorescent tubes in multiple fitments, and surface mounting them instead of using recessed diffusers

• introducing sensor switches for lights, and

• adding variable speed controllers on the air handling units.

We’ve also commissioned infra red surveys on the building itself to identify areas with excessive heat loss so that we can improve insulation. In dentifying areas for improvement we actively seek specialist advice through annual Carbon Trust surveys.

Zero waste is sent to landfill

In 2000 we achieved zero emissions to landfill and, in line with our culture of continual improvement, we’ve improved our recovery and recycling systems to contribute to regional conservation efforts.

We are always on the look out to improve environmental management, championed by a dedicated team who cover every conceivable aspect of our operations. This includes segregating and recycling waste from production; drinks cans in the canteen; paper in offices; and sending re-usable items like folders and chairs to educational centres. Anything that can’t be treated goes to a Waste-to-Energy incinerator and the recovered energy is turned into electricity.

Smaller local firms send us their waste cardboard and plastic which is recycled and the money generated is re-invested in environmental activities. By doing this we continue to have zero emissions to landfill and support local businesses in reducing their environmental burden and waste management costs.

Supporting the local community

The whole company is encouraged to take part in environmental initiatives. We organise and take part in local litter picks, and donate surplus goods to local organisations. For example, we’ve provided seventy wheelie bins to local schools for recycling cans and paper. We also support local businesses, environmentally, by exchanging knowledge and giving support through a number of local and national groups.

We don’t waste water

Sensors are now installed on all water taps and we recycle waste production water. A machine splits the water from the production process and the so-called ‘grey’ water is redirected and used to flush the toilets!

Biodiversity is being protected

Epson Telford is based on a fifty five acre site and approximately one third of this is currently given over to wildlife and controlled under the government’s Country Stewardship Scheme. This includes an area that was developed and set aside especially for the Great Crested Newt which is a protected species in the UK.

So, whether it’s creating special areas to preserve the habitat of the Great Crested Newt and Great Burnet plant; setting aside part of the site for the Countryside Stewardship Agreement or welcoming educational visits, Epson Telford continues to have a positive effect on the world we share with all our neighbours.