Clean, green and efficient

High quality products call for high quality manufacturing

Produced with care

Throughout Epson, our manufacturing processes are designed to use a minimum of materials and energy. We rigorously control emissions and waste and have set ourselves firm reduction targets.

Working to reduce greenhouse gases

We scrutinise carbon dioxide emissions as they're the primary cause of global warming and focus intensive effort on CO2 reduction. Other substances with an even higher global warming potential aren't ignored and you can read more about our action in this area.

Zero emissions

To promote the effective use of resources and reduce waste levels we've established a zero emissions program. By the end of 2003, sites and companies in Japan and manufacturing companies outside Japan had achieved Level 1 of the program. This meant achieving 100% recycling of all waste material (excluding personal waste) generated from business activities. Sites that recently came under the Epson umbrella are also working towards this.

We are now shifting as a company toward actions to reach Level 2, which targets improvements in production processes. In Level 2, the aim is to reduce resource usage by keeping an eye out for opportunities to reuse a factory's waste on-site as an ingredient in the manufacturing process.

Our commitment

We are committed to refining our production processes so that our customers can be sure that when they buy an Epson product it is manufactured with a minimal impact on the environment.

Our green purchasing policy

Eco-friendly from source to supply

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Green guidance for vendors

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