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Thanks to our innovative scanning and printing technologies, Epson have restored valuable historical photos and negatives of Russian Tsar Nikolai II and granted them to the Russian Cultural Fund.

After the 1917 Revolution, information and photos about Russian Emperors were prohibited in the USSR and much of the historical relics disappeared with those that emigrated. All was not lost as in 1953 in the US, former Russian officers formed the Rodina Fund with the main purpose of keeping Russian artifacts and images safe until they could be returned to Russia. This dream was finally realised in 2002 when everything that had been collected was handed over to the Russian Cultural Fund.

Among the findings presented to the RCF were old photos and glass negatives from the personal archive of the last Tsar Nikolai II, which show him at home, relaxing and spending time with his family. The collection also included images of Russian soldiers, generals and scenes of old Moscow. Regrettably, due to many of them being over 100 years old, the majority of photographs had started to deteriorate and were unable to be displayed in such a fragile state so had to be archived to prevent further damage.

It was at this point that the RCF contacted Epson, who they saw as the perfect partner to restore and print these fascinating images so that they could be displayed to the people of Russia. Using the Epson Perfection V750 Pro Scanner, the photos were scanned and digital files created. The restoration software supplied with the scanner ensured the digital files were mended and traces of dust removed. The images were then printed in black and white and sepia hues on the Stylus Pro 9800*¹, with the UltraChrome K3 ink.

Finally, the restored images could be shared with the Russian people and were displayed in an exhibition in 2007 called "For Faith and Faithfulness".

Olga Zemlyakova, the RCF curator said "Russians have rich traditions in the patronage of art. Epson digital technologies give a new lease of life to these traditions. We are all thankful for the wonderful people and brilliant techniques at Epson that have helped us to restore historical photos of great value and make them widely available for the Russian people".

*¹ The Stylus Pro 9800 is no longer available to buy, but has now been replaced by our newer model, the Stylus Pro 9880