Let Epson help your business do more

Epson is the world’s largest manufacturer of printers for banks and post offices with a product range that offers the ultimate in high-speed, low-cost, reliable and durable printing across all stationery types. Ideal for back office, cheque processing and multi-part stationery, for which there is simply no alternative other than impact printing.

New technologies, like inkjet in the heavy duty GP Series, now offer additional value at extremely low cost.


  • Excellent TCO per page ratio (as low as €0.20/100 pages)
  • Multi-part capability (up to 1 original + 9 copies)
  • Long lasting print-outs (up to 100 years)
  • Can work under harsh conditions (hot, cold, dry, humid or dusty)
  • Low maintenance
  • Handles continuous paper
  • Can print on a wide range of media and of varying thicknesses
  • Multiple paper paths to choose from to suit your working environment
  • Handles cut sheet and continuous paper simultaneously


Ideal for commercial, industrial and logistical applications, Epson’s 9-pin dot matrix range offers excellent print quality for a competitive price. Combining high-precision alignment and sophisticated paper handling, this comprehensive range of narrow and wide-carriage printers can tackle even heavy-duty print jobs.


Offering all the features available across the 9-pin range, but with the advantage of scalable fonts and letter-quality printing. Epson 24-pin printers are ideal for front-desk applications in the retail and service industries, as well as invoice and order printing. The range also includes flatbed printers for use with a wider (and thicker) range of materials including receipts and labels.


The Epson PLQ-22 Series offers banks, post offices and government institutions a very quiet printer with a low total cost of ownership. With print speeds of up to 576cps, the PLQ-22 Series is ideal to print a wide range of media including passbooks, passports, tickets and visas. Customers and staff alike will appreciate the quiet operation of this passbook printer, which has noise levels as low as 51dBA.