Ausgerüstet mit einem GPS-Sensor und intelligentem Schrittsensor1 ermöglichen Ihnen Runsense Sports-Uhren eine einfache und intelligente Leistungsüberwachung.


Say goodbye to chest straps

SF-810 with Built-In
Heart Rate Sensor

Over 99% heart rate monitoring accuracy -
no chest strap required

As conducted by Progressive Sport Technologies


Runsense GPS sports monitors let you plan your training and accurately monitor your performance like never before

Never lose track with these accurate and intelligent GPS running monitors with Smart Stride Sensor1 and long battery life.

Runsense Features

  • Accurate GPS Sensor

    Epson has been developing GPS components for smartphones and other industrial devices for many years. Runsense is built around a new highly accurate and energy-efficient GPS chip that works together with an accelerometer to give outstanding accuracy.

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  • Smart Stride Sensor1

    Learns your individual technique, calibrating your stride length accurately while you run with full GPS signal coverage. If GPS signal is lost due to overhead cover or interference, such as running through woodland or near tall buildings, Runsense will continue to track distance and pace data.

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  • Long Battery Life

    Thanks to the Epson developed GPS chip and product architecture, you can run for longer without recharging. Featuring a battery life of up to 30 hours of GPS tracking, which is up to three times longer than comparable competitor products1.

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  • Tap Function

    Runsense provides you with flexible features and controls, like the tap functionality that allows you to scroll through four customisable screens - providing real time data- turn on the light or set laps.

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  • Analyse Runs

    Analyse your exercise in detail, share your achievements with others and set achievable targets designed to improve your performance. Dare to push yourself further with the Epson Runsense View Portal and Run Connect app.

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    Water resistant to 5 bar means you don’t need to worry about running in the wet. In fact, you can even swim wearing Runsense without an issue.

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  • Lightweight Design

    Its compact, lightweight design is comfortable to wear and does not sacrifice screen size so its easy to read while on the run.

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    Runsense GPS sport monitors combine highly accurate GPS tracking with a built-in Smart Stride Sensor1 to learn your technique, measuring distance and pace whatever the conditions. You can view real time data at a glance on four customisable screens. With an amazing 30 hours of GPS tracking you can dare yourself to run another mile.



    Analyse and evaluate runs with the Epson Runsense View Portal

    Smart Stride Sensor1 learns individual techniques to calibrate stride length – if GPS signal is lost, this will still provide accurate distance measurement

    Long battery life (with/without GPS on)

    Accurate Epson GPS sensor

    Review data your way with 4 customisable screens

    Assignable tap function to switch screens, turn on light or set laps

    AGPS for fast GPS connection with the Run Connect app



    View the Runsense range in more detail and select the right product for you.

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    See how Runsense’s tapping functionality can be applied to key features to make them even easier to use while out running.

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    Have a look at what other wearable technologies Epson has to offer.

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    1 Only available on the SF-510 and above.