Combining high-precision alignment and sophisticated paper handling, Epson's comprehensive range of narrow and wide carriage printers can handle the most demanding stand-alone print environments.

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As one of the leading manufacturers of dot matrix printers, Epson has worked closely to support businesses such as banks and post offices with our reliable, durable, low-cost, high-speed machines. Ideal for offices, cheque processing and multi-part stationery, there is no better alternative than our dot matrix printers.

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Whatever your requirement, Epson has a printer to meet your needs.

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Why should you upgrade your existing dot matrix printers to our latest models? They offer improved reliability and an incredibly low TCO, as well as faster printing and network capability. Discover the range below.

Epson LQ‑2090II

The LQ-2090II offers an improved USD (ultra speed draft) speed of 550 characters per second at 10 characters per inch, making a real difference to high-volume print runs such as stock reports and large batches of invoices or freight documents.

Epson LQ‑590II

The LQ-590II is a high-volume dot matrix printer designed for fast and reliable printing. Upgrade your existing dot matrix printers to our latest model, which is now Energy Star compliant, and delivers an incredibly low TCO.

Advantages of Dot Matrix Printers

ESC/P (Epson Standard Code for Printers) is the de facto standard dot matrix printer control language, worldwide. Adopted in the vast majority of popular software packages, ESC/P enables you to plug straight in – and print.

  • Compatibility

    Fully compatible with existing software, ESC/P2 is designed for use with non-Windows operating systems, enabling you to achieve font manipulation without the need for costly on-board processors. If you are working within the Windows environment you will be able to achieve your printer’s maximum speed by using printer-resident fonts.

  • Efficient print technology

    Multi-part capability (up to 1 original + 9 copies)

  • Reliable

    Long lasting print-outs (up to 100 years)

  • Less waste

    The new printers use the same ribbons as existing models, so you can upgrade without having to discard unused ribbon supplies.

Epson genuine ribbons

Epson is the world’s largest manufacturer of printers for banks and post offices with a product range that offers the ultimate in high-speed, low-cost, reliable and durable printing across all stationery types. Ideal for back office, cheque processing, and multi-part stationery, for which there is simply no alternative other than impact printing.

New technologies, like inkjet in the heavy duty GP Series, now offer additional value at extremely low cost.

Save time

Epson genuine ribbons minimise down time. The unique fabric and design of the Epson genuine ribbons also eliminate twisting and jamming problems.

Consistent high quality with increased reliability

Epson genuine ribbons' guaranteed length ensures that consistent print yield is achieved and print quality is highly maintained. Using Epson genuine ribbons also prolongs the lifespan of your Epson printer.

How can I spot a genuine Epson Product?

The Epson Colour shift label on the ink, ribbon and toner cartridge packaging helps you identify whether an Epson ink, ribbon or toner cartridge is genuine or counterfeit.

  • 1Shift the box back and forth
  • 2The colour on the critical label should change from bronze to green as the angle changes

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