Challenge yourself

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport driver Lewis Hamilton took on our relentless EcoTank in the ultimate challenge.

Unbelievable endurance

To become a four-time Formula One™ Drivers’ World Champion like Lewis Hamilton, you’ve got to have unbelievable endurance. Lewis has to be at the peak of his physical fitness to continue to deliver, lap after lap. But he’s not the only one - our cartridge-free EcoTank printer has become an international success thanks to its ability to deliver thousands of pages, day-in day-out, with enough ink to keep printing for up to three years1.

But when it comes down to it, can Lewis really keep up with our EcoTank? Who do you believe can endure more?

Never stop challenging yourself

To defy expectations, you’ve got to constantly seek challenges and find new ways to adapt to your environment. As an elite sportsman, Lewis knows a thing or two about keeping his workouts fresh and motivating – even when he can’t make it to a gym. See how Lewis mixes up his workouts and utilises his surroundings.

In it to win it

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Don't let Lewis steal the limelight - join in the fun and push yourself to achieve more by mixing up your workouts. How can you make the most of your surroundings? What little twists can you add to your workout? Impress us with your best moves to win our competition. Upload your workout to our video gallery after reading the details and competition checklist.

It’s really simple to enter our competition. Anyone over 18 can take part - just upload your video to our Unbelievable Endurance microsite to be in with a chance to win.

We will choose the overall winner and five runners up will be selected by the public through likes on our website. The prizes include an EcoTank printer and Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport branded goodies. Further details will be announced shortly.

Get more likes - we actively encourage you to share your video through social media. We'll also be sharing selected videos through our channels and the media.

The deadline for entries to be uploaded is 30th March 23:59 CET 2018. The winners will be judged on 3rd April 2018.

The judges will be looking for a video showing an exercise that demonstrates:

  • New ideas - have you brought something new to your workout?
  • Resourcefulness - have you worked with your surroundings and environment?
  • Creativity - have you brought flair to your video and made it visually stand out?

And remember:

  • Safety comes first - don't do anything dangerous or unlawful
  • Keep it decent, good natured and fun
  • Avoid showing any brands or logos
  • Everyone in the video must be over 18 and agree to being filmed
  • Your video should be between 15 seconds and one minute. The file size should be under 500 MB the website will reject any files that are too big.

No videos will be published on our website that do not fit within the criteria.

Enter the competition

Please note all videos will be screened, so please allow at least 48 hours for your video to appear. Read our full terms and conditions here.

Who did it best?

To succeed in any sport, you’ve got to know your competition. See what entries we’ve had so far in our video gallery.

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On set gallery

What's it like to be on set with four-time Formula One™ Drivers’ World Champion Lewis Hamilton? Check out our gallery.

Our EcoTank printers

The revolutionary EcoTank ink tank system has sold more than 25 million units2 worldwide. It’s proved so popular because it provides a hassle-free and low-cost solution for printing. Its radical design features an ultra-high-capacity ink tank system that removes the need for cartridges, freeing you from cartridge purchases and replacements. This new system uses high-volume ink bottles3, which are included with the EcoTank printer, allowing you to print up to an impressive 14,000 pages in black and 11,200 in colour4. That means you’ll have an extremely low cost per page and your EcoTank will print many more pages between refills. Additional high-volume ink bottles can be purchased at a low cost to replenish the EcoTank.


“No more out of ink frustration!”

“Great quality printing, innovative and economical”

"A must buy!"


Epson and Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport team up for the 2018 season

  1. Based on an average print volume of 140 pages per month and considering the lowest yield produced from the first set of inks.
  2. Epson high-capacity ink tank printers have achieved cumulative global sales of 25 million units since launch in 2010.
  3. Additional replacement high-volume ink bottles are available
  4. Figures based on ET- 3700. Quoted yields are extrapolated based on Epson original methodology from the print simulation of Test Patterns provided in ISO/IEC 24712. Quoted yields are NOT based on ISO/IEC24711. Quoted yields may vary depending on the images that you are printing, the paper type that you are using, the frequency of your prints and environmental conditions such as temperature. During the initial printer setup, a certain amount of ink is used to fill the print head's nozzles, therefore the yield of the initial bundled set can be lower.