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Epson SCARA G1 Series

The G1-Series was designed for work where a hundredth of a millimetre matters, such as electronic manufacturing or precision mechanical work processes. Ultralight due to its high-strength aluminium design, and at the same time compact and powerful.

Compact high performance

G1-Series SCARA robots offer performance among the best in the industry, with outstanding range of motion, and maximum footprint efficiency. Cycle times can be as low as 0.29 seconds, while a high duty cycle permits fast cycles even during extended use. A unique high-rigidity arm design means very low residual vibration, with smooth start and stop motion, even at high speeds.

Extensive configuration options

The G1-Series offers a range of configuration options including arm lengths of 175mm and 225mm, as well as both three and four-axis models, and units designed for sensitive clean-room applications such as hard-drive assembly.

Outstanding versatility

SCARA G1-Series robots are used in a huge range of industries, from assembling automotive components, mobile phones and computer parts, to creating medical equipment and packaging medications, not to mention lab automation and scientific analysis.

Key Features

  • Compact, precise SCARA robot: Designed for pinpoint accuracy in very small workspaces
  • Extensive configuration options: Two arm lengths and axis types available as well as clean room options
  • Short cycle times: Cycle times can be as low as 0.29 seconds, even during extended use
  • Fully integrated: Complete Epson solution including robot, controller and software
  • Versatile and flexible: An ideal solution for applications from automotive to pharmaceutical

Download additional information

Epson SCARA G1 Series Datasheet / Brochure
Epson SCARA G1 Series
SCARA G series Datasheet / Brochure
SCARA G series Datasheet / Brochure

Tech Specs

Product features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

  • General

    SCARA (4 axis robot)
    nom. 0.5 kg, Max. 1 kg
    Reach horizontal
    175 mm
    Reach Vertical
    J3: 80 mm
    Reach Orientation
    J4: +/- 360 °
    Repeatability Horizontal
    +/- 0.005 mm
    Repeatability Vertical
    J3: +/- 0.01 mm
    Repeatability Orientation
    J4: +/- 0.01 °
    Max. range of operation
    J1: +/- 125 °, J2: +/- 140 °, J3: 80 mm, J4: +/- 360 °
    Max. Operating Speed
    J1,J2: +/- 2,630 mm/s, J3: +/- 1,200 mm/s, J4: +/- 3,000 °/s
    Moment of Inertia
    nom. 0.0003 kg*m², Max. 0.004 kg*m²
    User Wires Electric
    1x D-Sub 9 pin, 1x D-Sub 15 pin
    User Wires Pneumatic
    3x (1x4mm Ø & 2x6mm Ø)
    Ø Outside: 8 mm
    Insertion force
    50 N
    Product weight
    8 kg
    Epson RC180, Epson RC620 / RC620+
    Mounting option
    Cleanroom protection class
    ISO 3
    Power and signal cable
    3m, 5m, 10m, 20m
    What's in the box
    2 Sets of air connections (4 x straight and 4 x 90° angled each), 2 Sets of mounting brackets for the robot controller (RC180), Back-up disc of the robot controller (RC180), Connector for standard I/O, Emergency stop connector, Epson RC+ program CD including simulation software, Epson robot and controller, Grease for shaft (50 g), Installation/safety manual, Mouse and keyboard (for RC620), Power and signal cable (3 m), Set of connectors for user wiring, TP/OP bypass plug (installed before shipment), USB programming cable (for RC180)
    Machinery Directive: EN 60204-1, EMC Directive: EN 55011, EMC Directive: EN 60950, RoHS Directive: 2002/92/EC, ANSI/RIA: R15.06-1999



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