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PaperLab A-8000

PaperLab is the world’s first1 in-office paper secure recycler that turns waste paper2 into new paper using a virtually dry process3 powered by Epson’s unique Dry Fiber Technology. This revolutionary on-demand solution enables your business to securely destroy sensitive information, recycle, reduce its societal and environmental impact and take control of paper supplies.

Destroy and recycle sensitive documents on demand

When data security is crucial for your business, PaperLab delivers absolute certainty that key confidential waste is safely and effectively destroyed. It removes toner and inks and takes the waste paper2 back to its fibres.

Your information stays safely on site is never entrusted to external contractors.

This new solution goes way beyond conventional levels of information destruction, with a rating of P7.

ISO/IEC 21964-2 Security Level P7: Destruction of data carriers in such a way that the data on them cannot be reproduced with current technology or scientific knowledge (<5 mm² particle size).

Powered by Dry Fiber Technology

A combination of three processes is used to turn waste paper2 into new paper – defibrating, binding and forming. Unlike conventional papermaking, PaperLab uses virtually no water from start to finish. This virtually dry process3 makes it possible to produce new paper in a small, localised cycle.

Office-based recycling process

PaperLab enables businesses to shorten the paper recycling loop, reduce transport CO2 emissions and also significantly reduce the need to buy new paper. Usually, plain paper is recycled in an extensive process that involves transporting waste paper from the office to specialised sorting and recycling facilities that use vast amounts of water. PaperLab is especially suited to office use because it uses a virtually dry process3 to recycle paper and doesn’t require plumbing or special facilities.

Key Features

  • PaperLab in-house solution: The sustainable way to securely destroy and upcycle paper
  • Document security: Completely destroy sensitive information
  • Responsible recycling: Significantly reduce the need to buy new paper
  • Contribute to circular economy: Assist with Sustainable Developmental Goals
  • Upcycle and create paper: Produce paper at high speed and in a range of formats and finishes

Tech Specs

Product features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

SKU: T11K003400

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1 Source: Epson research conducted in November 2016. 2 PaperLab can use ordinary A3 and A4 - sized copy paper as raw material. 3 A small amount of water is used to maintain a certain level of humidity inside the system. 4 Approximate values. Output speed, first sheet out time may vary depending on environmental conditions.