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Mazda Motor Europe GmbH chooses Epson's printing technology

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Mazda Motor Corporation can look back over a long history that is rich in tradition. Mazda ranked first among the 28 top car brands represented in Germany. Mazda also has a good reputation for cost, with the Mazda6 standing out for its particularly low running costs.

Low power consumption, quietness and low running costs are also characteristics shared by Epson's WorkForce Pro. Mazda favours efficiency and reliability when providing its German sales force with technical and communications equipment. A new, single-layer sales structure came into force in Mazda's dealer network. The company's top-quality vehicles are now available at 446 locations throughout Germany.

53 Mazda sales reps maintain close contact by visiting their business partners. In their home offices, tasks routinely involve printing out office documents such as reports, presentations and leaflets, plus copying, scanning and sending faxes. Previously, multifunctional laser printers were used exclusively, but Mazda's employees were not entirely happy with that solution. Consumables did not last long, and the complex printing technology meant that the machines deteriorated quickly and required a great deal of maintenance.

Cost and reliability issues were a key negative of the previous print solution. Whenever a printer broke down, an entire Mazda sales office came to a standstill. It had a direct impact on the company's ability to work and on its response time.

Mazda started looking for solutions that would be low-maintenance and inexpensive, while offering high quality. The answer was Epson's WorkForce Pro 4525DNF. Thanks to the economical inkjet technology, staff have reduced energy consumption by up to 80 per cent. Epson's printers also get through consumables far more slowly. Apart from home office machines, the company has ten other machines for use at events such as trade fairs.

"Epson's WorkForce Pro-4525DNF Business Inkjets are ideal for our staff in their home offices," explains Harald Wissel, Analyst IS-Service Desk for Mazda Motor Europe GmbH. "Apart from the usual office documents, our staff in the field often print documents to go to our dealers, which may include handwritten notes. On those, the printed image mustn't be smudged by text markers or similar things, even when it's come straight from the printer."

Epson took these requirements into consideration early on when developing its WorkForce Pro. "Apart from the inkjets' high cartridge yields, their ease of use and low running costs, crucial factors were also their low power consumption and quietness – these are things that fit our corporate philosophy perfectly," adds Wissel.

Before purchasing the inkjets, only multifunctional laser machines were used in the home offices. As well as the low-yield consumables, another negative was their rapid deterioration, due to complex printing technology. The new equipment wish list also required that the machines were much easier to handle, so the sales force could spend time looking after their dealers instead of their printers.

Business inkjets are not the first Epson solution Mazda has deployed. Mazda Europe GmbH already uses Epson projectors, both in their head office conference rooms and in the field. "We've been very happy with Epson's service, too. Recently, a printer breakdown was resolved so quickly and professionally that our sales rep was able to start working again with very little delay," comments Wissel. "At Mazda, we value innovation and reliability very highly, and Epson has impressed us with their innovative products and solutions."