Z10000U projector is an actor in the short film "Recordings"

Vivid, bright images make for a compelling film

Sound designer Grig and his partner Anda always record the conversations they have throughout the day. They decided to allow one another a last adventure each before they get married. This is how the short film "Recordings", a UNATC production, starts.

The film was made in collaboration with the International Centre for Research and Education in Innovative-Creative Technologies (Cinetic), which aims to research creative technologies and integrate the latest innovations into the audiovisual sphere within the scope of UNATC projects: from filming and editing in 3D to the creation of virtual scenery and the capturing of movements to be used to create virtual characters.

The Epson EB-Z10000U projector was used during a sequence filmed in a club. "We needed a projector that had at least 6,000 lumens to help us realise the sequence at a high quality. We used the projector for video mapping and to create a party atmosphere in which people were in a good mood, with lots of colour and movement," says Dana Răgușitu, Master Film Production for UNATC.

Bright projection, suitable for large spaces  

The EB-Z10000U is the first Epson projector for large spaces with 10,000 lumens and WUXGA resolution. It uses Epson 3LCD technology, which ensures high quality images due to the brightness in colour and in white. This provides vivid colours and bright images even during the hours of daylight, with colours three times brighter than competing projectors.

"The film will be used for the first time at Master's student Andrei Inizian's final examination in directing. The fact that Epson is a sponsor will be mentioned both in the generic film and in the advertisements about the film's participation in the festivals for which it is being submitted" adds Dana Răgușitu.

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