How a large format printer can expand an entire business


Wrapzone produces vehicle decoration and unique, personalised decals for sports cars and company cars alike to act as brand ambassadors. Naturally, this places considerable demands on the technology.

"When you're working with something like decals for vehicles, you're putting unusual demands on your equipment and technology. We came to a point where our old printers could simply not keep up with our growth, and it was time to change," says Andreas Mikulic, project manager at Wrapzone. Wrapzone chose Epson's SureColor SC-S80600 large format printer, and it was installed in 2017. With 98.2% reproduction of Pantone colours*, they can be sure that the colours, patterns and tones seen on the screen are reproduced accurately when printed as a car decal.

The SC-S80600 has given Wrapzone a number of advantages: not only is colour reproduction as near perfect as you can get, but the printer is much faster and uses only half of the ink that company's old equipment did.

But what Mikulic says is the biggest advantage, is that they almost never have any production downtime any more.

"It's been a huge leap forward for us in terms of production. The alert system means we know in good time when the ink is running out, which has been a big help. Neither do we have to maintain a stock of ink cartridges, which can be a big expense."

Yet another competitive advantage investment in a large-format Epson printer has brought to Wrapzone is that they can expand their range of services, enabling them to take on more complicated jobs, something the old equipment did not allow them to do. In fact, their old equipment limited the work Wrapzone could undertake. For example, there might be banding when printing tones, meaning that the required quality could not be achieved.

The advanced technology of the SC-S80600 means that Wrapzone will be able to offer an even wider range of decals, including for projects outside the field of vehicle decoration. Mikulic believes that the SC-S80600 gives the business an incredible diversity. It also helps the company meet their customers' often high expectations for creativity. In addition to printing on vinyl, the SC-S80600 can also print on transparent film and canvas, depending on the customer needs. Technology and creativity often go hand-in-hand, and Wrapzone can now combine the two with their new printer.

Tested in 1440x1440dpi 36 pass mode, on ILFORD Nano Solvent Premium Photo Paper Gloss.