Westfalenhallen, Dortmund chooses Epson projectors

Conference centre welcomes the future with

Westfalenhallen, Dortmund chooses Epson projectors

The Congress Centre at Westfalenhallen in Dortmund, Germany, has been given a makeover. The modernisation of the Goldsaal kicked off the renovation works, and with the arrival of Epson's projector technology.

Dortmund's Westfalenhallen hosts more than 1,200 events annually, attended by some 100,000 visitors. As part of the Congress Centre renovation works, 15 halls and conference rooms were fully outfitted with Wireless LAN and LAN networks, and also with the latest media and projection technology.

Demands and expectations were high, as business at the Congress Centre had to continue uninterrupted while juggling the heavy demands on the projection technology.

Projectors needed to be installed in conference rooms both large and small, with different levels of brightness.

One particular highlight is the large Goldsaal, which, with a capacity of up to 1,000 people, needed a bright projector with variable brightness.

Another challenge was that the projection technology had to be smoothly integrated into the event schedule. Not only must it satisfy requirements for performance and quality, but it must also be easy to operate. The customer expects the media sources they bring with them to connect simply and be plug and play, so that presentations can start smoothly.

Epson projector technology

The choice of Epson projectors was easy, since the Congress Centre had already had a good experience with the outstanding picture quality delivered by Epson's 3LCD projectors.

With the newly installed EB-L1755U in the Goldsaal, not only are excellent pictures being projected, but the laser light source means that the entire setup is particularly low-maintenance. The life of the light source is up to 20,000 hours, so the projector could be installed on the ceiling of the Goldsaal without fear of additional maintenance costs.

The Congress Centre was equipped exclusively with Epson projectors.

There was also an Ultra-Short-Throw projector installed in one room to see how this projection concept is received by event organisers.

During the renovation of the Congress Centre, one EB-L1755U and ten other Epson projectors were installed.

Projecting at different levels of brightness was a challenge effortlessly and stylishly overcome. Since 80 percent of events get by with lower light levels and full light levels are required only for some demanding events, the EB-L1755U usually operates seamlessly in economy mode, which delivers 70 percent of its full brightness of 15,000 lumens. This both extends the life of the light source, and its efficiency.

"The Epson projector boasts extremely simple operation and a razor-sharp picture. Even conference delegates seated in the back rows don't miss the details," says Frank Pranskuweit, Customer Service Manager at the Dortmund Conference Centre.

"This pays off at medical events, for example, when radiographs are studied. This is also the case at sales conferences where the clear and precise presentation of sales figures is important. And, even if the hall lighting is set at a brighter level, the Epson can be relied upon to perform beautifully. By using Epson, we have made a true quantum leap in terms of the quality and performance of presentations."