TM-Intelligent printers accelerate customer service

Thanks to printers that can communicate with tablets, wireless networks and the cloud, food orders at Goce restaurant pass directly from tables to the kitchen, and supply orders from storage facilities to suppliers.

On the menu

Goce is a 150-seat restaurant that brings Spanish flavours to Helsinki city centre. Goce's waiting staff uses mini-tablets that communicate wirelessly with Epson's printers. There are four printers installed: one in the bar, two in the kitchen and one in the dining room for printing invoices. This system allows the waiting staff to record food and drink orders directly onto a tablet, and then send the orders to the kitchen and bar. Time is saved and errors reduced when orders are not recorded separately and manually transferred to the POS system. In addition, the waiting staff can use their tablets to find additional information, such as suitable wines.

Epson's receipt printers enable the use of tablets and smartphones

Thanks to open XML and HTML interfaces, Epson's TM Intelligent receipt printers can operate with a variety of point-of-sale (POS) applications. The POS cloud application used at Goce is designed specifically for restaurant environments. The complete solution, supplied by AdCode, includes POS software, Epson's receipt printers and a wireless network. The network was installed using fail-safe MESH technology, and its operations are remotely monitored. This wireless network can also be offered to the restaurant's customers. "Setting up the printers was fast and easy, and integrated WiFi is available to help us increase the level of customer service we provide, ” says Antti Soisalo of AdCode.

Cost and space savings with flexible scalability

Wireless POS and printing solutions save space – instead of two traditional tills, Goce uses two tablets as tills alongside mini-tablets carried by waiting staff. Epson printers can be installed on surfaces or walls, depending on space requirements. Also, the system is scalable, meaning additional printers and tablets can be added at any time. The cloud-based POS system makes it easy to increase the number of establishments covered.