Tiller Systems chooses TM-P20 & TM-m30

A partnership focused on serving restaurant customers with a better point of sale (POS) experience

Tiller Systems chooses TM-P20 & TM-m30

Tiller Systems is a cash register software developer whose products enable customers to make orders, take payments, manage stock and staff and analyse transactions from tablets, in real time. Tiller chose Epson's POS printers - the TM-m30 and TM-P20 - to enhance their payment solution for their restaurant customers.

The starting point for Tiller Systems' founders was simple: while the major retail groups have all the resources they need, independent restaurant owners and shopkeepers don't have an efficient management tool enabling them to make decisions. So they developed an independent payment and analysis solution.

Tiller Systems offers a point of sale a solution that is comprehensive, mobile, simple and efficient, based on the use of a tablet, their software and a smart printer from Epson to produce the receipts.

Choosing a partner that ensures high quality

Three things convinced Tiller Systems to make Epson their preferred partner: the brand, the company's stability and the support offered.

"Epson is known worldwide and its name is synonymous with high quality. We decided to go for efficient, high-quality hardware whose performance we will never need to doubt," explains Thilbault Hillmeyer, Chief Product Officer.

"We wanted to work with a supplier that would be able to guarantee us continuous stock levels because of the company's strong growth rate," said Hillmeyer.

"We needed a partner that would be able to keep pace with us," Hillmeyer added.

"Another important element for us is the support for the product – the solution in place. All steps are taken to make life easier for developers," explains Hillmeyer.

As well as the high quality of Epson products, another thing the team at Tiller Systems gained through this partnership was time. The solution developed by the publisher had to be compatible with the iOS operating system.

Improving the customer experience

Tiller Systems' main goal is to provide customers with a simple and effective tool.

"We need to offer our customers, especially the restaurant owners, a solution that meets their needs in terms of speed and reliability. The smooth operation of the hardware is a critical element of our business," said Hillmeyer.

As well as giving their end customers quality and efficiency, the TM-P20 and TM-m30 printers offer added value to the software publisher too.

"The hardware's compact size is an advantage for some customers working in the catering business – food trucks for example – who need to optimise the space they use for their payment and printing solutions.

"Our shopkeepers are also very keen on mobile solutions. Bluetooth, for example, is something customers buy into immediately," Hillmeyer said.

A winning partnership

"The ease of our relationship with Epson, and their sales team's responsiveness, are real plus points. Whenever we need to deal with an issue that falls outside the scope of our day-to-day tasks, we work directly with Epson," Hillmeyer said.

"We are also open to engaging in innovative future projects, which would enable us to strengthen our collaboration even further."