The Stormpress Express Solution Case Study

The Stormpress Express Solution Case Study


Exeter based Stormpress, a print production and design service supplier with customers throughout the UK, recently approached Focal Point Imaging to discuss the replacement of their existing large format printer. Their brief was to source a machine with the versatility to create bespoke, fine art and photographic prints alongside high volume, fast turnaround poster reproduction.

They had already spent several months researching their options, but after obtaining of some sample prints from the offices of Focal Point Imaging, they were able to quickly decide on the SureColor SC-P9000 as their preferred choice based on its superior print quality. Stormpress Digital Print Specialist, Tristan Tripp, told us “We wanted to be able to offer the best print quality possible, and this is what the SureColor SC-P9000 delivers. We have worked with a lot of artists and understand how important colour accuracy and print quality is to their vision”.

Implementing the solution

Focal Point Imaging created a package that included installation. It also arranged for staff training to be split over two groups on separate days, to minimise the impact on the productivity of the studio. A sympathetic approach not wasted on Digital Print Supervisor, Garry Mills, who said “It’s obvious that Focal Point is more knowledgeable and experienced in the operation of the Epson printers than other supplier’s installers we have experienced”.

During a follow up conversation Tristan told us “Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Photographers have been very impressed by the printer’s reproduction of black and white images, and the wider colour gamut compared to previous generation printers is very impressive”.

Tech specs & training

The Epson SureColor SC-P9000 is the latest generation of Epson’s Ultrachrome ink set, Ultrachrome HDX. Extended the standard set from 8 colours to 10 by including an orange and a green channel, the SureColor SC-P9000 system offers the potential to reproduce up to 98% of Pantone in its ‘Light Light Black’ configuration, and up to 99% of Pantone in its ‘Violet’ configuration. Capable of printing onto paper as narrow as 8” and as wide as 44”, onto cut sheet, roll, or directly onto coated photoboard, the SureColor SC-P9000 is a single printer solution to the needs of both the photographer and graphic designer.

A demonstration of the performance and quality of the SureColor SC-P9000 can be arranged at the offices of Focal Point Imaging, the leading supplier of Epson large format ink jet printers in the south west. Focal Point has been providing equipment, supplies, training and services to the photographic industry for nearly 25 years, in both the analogue and digital branches. They can advise, source, supply, and install anything from dark rooms to studio lights and can be contacted on 01392 496 066 or via

Stormpress can be contacted via their website: or speak to their digital print specialist, Tristan Tripp via