The reigning Formula One™ world champions thank Epson's Workforce Pro

Reliability and efficiency essential for a winning team

The reigning Formula One™ world champions thank Epson's Workforce Pro

Epson and Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport share a passion for reliability and efficiency.

Why Epson?

Matt Harris, Head of IT at Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport, explains why they choose Epson WorkForce Pro to support them on and off the track,

“Our car has to be reliable and efficient to perform. If we don’t have that we don’t win, and we expect the same from any technology we use. When it came to upgrading our printers across the business these were the key attributes we were looking for, and Epson ticked all those boxes.”


Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport has to transport their race kit to over 20 countries across the globe, covering locations from Melbourne to Malaysia, Abu Dhabi to Azerbaijan. This kit can travel in shipping containers for up to three months. The team then have under 36 hours to prepare all the kit for the race. This means all the kit has to be in perfect working order on arrival, so the team can focus on the race.  As Matt explains,

“The printers at the track are critical for the engineers and drivers. We rely on them to give data to the team. In Formula 1 the only way you improve is with data, and the data has to be in real time. If the electronic data we receive on screen fails, we need printers. These are so crucial on race day we actually have two, one just in case as a backup, though we have never needed to use it as the Epson WorkForce Pro printers never fail!


“With our old printers, we had to do performance maintenance on them ahead of every race, taking up valuable time. Moving from laser printers to the Epson Inkjet printers not only means we get a better quality of print, but because the print heads don’t get damaged in transit, they are ready to use as soon as we land! With the Epson printers, we just take them out the box and they’re good to go”.

The team doesn’t always have a reliable source of power trackside, meaning the fact that Epson’s WorkForce Pro uses far less power than the previous laser printers is a crucial factor in the unique Formula 1 environment and allows the team to use their sometimes limited power resources for other vital equipment.

The versatility of Epson’s WorkForce range of printers means the team can use the same printers across the whole team. 

“It doesn’t matter if people want a colour copy or scan, A3 or A4, if they’re based trackside in San Paulo or in the marketing office at Brackley, there’s an Epson WorkForce there to support them. This standardisation and Epson’s easy to use technology saves valuable time across the whole team.”

The efficiency of the Epson WorkForce Pro RIPS also means to date the team has not had to change the ink cartridges for their trackside printers, saving crucial time and manpower.