The Lindespelers theatre group uses an Epson projector for its scenery

The Lindespelers theatre group chooses Epson EB-Z8450WU

The Lindespelers theatre group uses an Epson projector for its scenery

The Lindespelers is a theatre group that has been performing plays in Het Klooster theatre in Nuenen for over 35 years. Every week, almost 50 members rehearse or work on prop design, lighting, sound, costumes and setting up for new productions. The theatre group does almost everything itself with remarkable results.

The Lindespelers Theatre Group

The play "Lang & Gelukkig" (Long & Lucky), which was performed to a sold-out theatre last February, represented a huge challenge for the technical team. The play required lots of scene changes, and the technical limitations of Het Klooster theatre meant that it wasn't possible to keep up with the fast changes. Luckily, the company has Jeroen Massa, Product Manager for ICT distributor Copaco, as one if its technical team. He suggested projecting the scenes onto a large screen at the back of the stage using a powerful Epson installation projector. This resulted in an extremely successful production with a very convincing set design.

Projection across the entire width of the stage

"The play 'Lang & Gelukkig' is a particularly dynamic piece in which quick changes of scenes and props are required," explains Massa. "The story often moves from outside to inside and back again. However, because such quick scene changes aren't feasibly practical in the theatre, we had to find another solution. My work as Product Manager for Copaco means that I know what's technically viable with projectors, and I saw some possibilities here. The aim of the set design is to create a space around the actors, so we wanted a projector that could cover the entire width of the stage. You also have to cope with lots of lights shining on the actors in the theatre, which the projection has to penetrate. So, a powerful projector with a high light output was essential. Bearing this in mind, I went in search of a suitable solution." After testing various projectors, the After testing various projectors, the EB-Z8450WU, a powerful 3LCD projector with WUXGA resolution and 7,000 lumens of light output, was chosen.


 "To begin with, everyone wondered if it would actually work," remembers Massa. "All of the actors and the rest of the team had their doubts. However, once we'd tested the EB-Z8450WU, I knew for sure that we'd found our solution." Het Klooster is an intimate theatre where it isn't possible to do the projection from behind the screen, so the team had to project from the front, a distance of 15 metres, onto a 10 x 6.5 metre screen. "The projection angle was a challenge too," says Massa. "Of course, you don't want any of the actors' shadows on the screen, so we had to project over the tops of their heads. At the same time, you want the images to go all the way down to the floor, otherwise it isn't convincing." Luckily, this wasn't a problem for the Epson projector. "The projector's really flexible in that respect: it can be adapted to its position both horizontally and vertically thanks to the lens shift. This enabled us to create a stage with scenery that looked like it was being projected from behind, without any shadows from the actors.”


The show itself was an overwhelming success. The premiere was fully sold out (Het Klooster theatre has 265 seats), and the performances attracted large audiences. "The actors and the team only saw the whole thing in the final week before the show started. And then, all doubts were gone," laughs Massa. "The first reactions were mainly: 'Wow! How amazing!' The end result was much better and more convincing than everyone expected. A razor-sharp image with beautiful, vibrant colours." The reactions from the press and audiences were full of praise, with lots of admiration for both the performance itself and the set design. "People said that all the scenery was right, and that the whole thing fitted together really well. So, you know you've done a good job when you get feedback like that!"

The future

Using the EB-Z8450WU was such a success that the Lindespelers will use projections in plays requiring lots of scene changes again in future. "The scenery would have been a really big problem without this projector. It's a solution that we'll definitely use again next time,” concludes Massa.