The green heart for your health

The pharmacy in Stainz, Austria, uses Epson TM-C3500

The green heart for your health

The pharmacy in the Austrian town of Stainz requires high-quality labels for hundreds of medications and preparations. Epson's TM-C3500 provides a compact, user-friendly printing solution.

The market town of Stainz, with a population of around 2,500, lies on the banks of the river Stainzbach, in the foothills of the Koralpe mountain range in the Western Styria district of Austria. In addition to the Augustinian monastery Schloss Stainz, the town is also famous for Schilcher, a light, Austrian red wine, made from the Blauer Wildbacher grape. Led by Angelika Bischof, the team at Stainz Pharmacy looks after the health and wellbeing of residents and visitors to the region.

Centre of excellence for health in Stainz

Stainz Pharmacy was founded around 150 years ago on the order of Archduke Johann, the first mayor of Stainz, as "a source of goodness and comfort for my countrymen".  In April 2013 Angelika Bischof, a qualified and registered pharmacist, took over management of the business and, together with her experienced team of 16, provides help and advice. Through steadfast commitment and professional expertise, she and her team have successfully become constant, trusted partners for the local population in health matters.

The pharmacy offers its customers, in addition to a wide range of medications for prevention and cure, everyday products for wellbeing. For example, the business offers various different tea blends as well as preparations for homeopathy and aromatherapy. "We see our pharmacy as a centre of excellence for health in the region," explains Ms Bischof. "Because we know our customers' needs, we have many well-known and frequently requested remedies such as teas and the Dr Schüssler brand of mineral salts, ready mixed. When requested, we can then draw on our prepared stocks and only have to mix or weigh the amount asked for." All pre-prepared products are then kept in containers of different sizes and identified with colour labels. The many products are then carefully stored in large medicine cabinets, ready for use.

A range of labels in many variants

Thanks to this good patient service system, a variety of different products can be quickly brought together. The production of labels for the many different containers at Stainz Pharmacy is entrusted to a TM-C3500 printer. "We used to write the labels by hand, but it didn't look particularly professional, and also the ink wasn't waterproof," continues Ms Bischof. Now, with the TM-C3500, Stainz Pharmacy has a compact printer that prints stickers and tags in colour and at a high level of quality. In addition, the labels are waterproof and smear-proof and do not fade even after long periods under sunlight in the shop window. Moreover, Epson's TM-C3500 makes it possible to create labels in many different sizes and formats – which also helps to bring order to the diversity of the range.

A particularly important point is colour printing, because colour on labels also provides information. The different applications for the preparations can easily be deduced from the various colour schemes used in the stickers. This helps to prevent errors and is useful for customers. "Epson's TM-C3500 not only prints clearly but is also very compact and even fits on my little desk without taking up too much space. With all its other good qualities, this is the icing on the cake, which is why I would recommend the printer to anyone who wants to print professional-looking labels quickly," says Ms Bischof.

The pharmacy in Stainz uses the proven XPLabel software from Apotronik Datenservice GmbH.

The advantages of the XPLabel software at a glance:
•    Prevention of duplicate entries. The label information (e.g. name, batch number, expiry date, warning information, date of filling etc.) comes directly from the ApotronikXP WaWi database.
•    The integrated label design program allows any template to be created and processed. This means that any user can easily put their logo on the label.
•    Significantly lower costs compared to pre-printed labels.

Using Epson's TM-C3500 inkjet printer adds the following additional benefits:
•    Very low costs thanks to efficient ink technology.
•    Labels are completely waterproof and smear-proof
•    Use of continuous labels and automatic cutting
•    Photo-realistic printing quality on suitable papers

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