Technology and creativity at LABoral Centro de Arte with Epson projectors

Large-scale video art installations with 3LCD image quality

Technology and creativity at LABoral Centro de Arte with Epson projectors

The image quality of Epson's 3LCD projectors makes it possible to exhibit materials at the Mediateca Expandida permanent archive, as well as support large-scale installations in the 14,000 square metres of LABoral Centro de Arte.

Digital imagery is the ideal partner for a centre dedicated to innovation in art and culture. Adopting a multidisciplinary perspective, LABoral unites two worlds that are constantly changing and evolving: technology and culture. The ability to go beyond your own perspective, not just for spectators but also for creators, makes the fusion of Epson's technological resources and LABoral's creativity a truly unique experience.

The centre in Gijón, with its 14,000 square metres dedicated to research, development and exhibiting new cultural visions supported by technological equipment, has a variety of Epson projector units for bringing the ideas of all the creators and creatives who walk past its installations to life.

Epson and LABoral: art, research and image quality

For Óscar Abril, Director of Activities at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, "the managers of LABoral were fully aware of Epson's interest and involvement in the world of art and culture, especially in exhibitions, as demonstrated by Epson's presence in programmes such as the Mediateca Expandida. In its latest version, right now, the Mediateca Expandida has 12 projectors."

Exhibitions of major artists working in digital imagery have benefited from the use of Epson's 3LCD projectors to bring their creations to life and enable them to be shared with visitors to LABoral with the best image quality and colour fidelity. Likewise, the Mediateca Expandida at LABoral has permanently installed Epson projectors which allow visitors to view works and creations.

Vicente Mayor, Business Manager at Epson Ibérica, understands the importance of image quality in an environment like LABoral: "Isn't the world in colour? Isn't everything around us in colour? Epson technology offers the brilliant images and vivid colours that artists seek, meaning that they can give their works the best colour fidelity which matches what they had in mind originally. This is something they can achieve with Epson projectors."

Abril continues: "We like to see LABoral as a research framework in which companies like Epson can test out their equipment and analyse new business strategies using the assets of an art centre like LABoral. In this sense, we would like to think that a department like LABoral's AVLab can and must play a role in contributing to and involving brands like Epson, brands which are at the forefront of technological innovation and which advanced art centres must cooperate with and play a fundamental role in, as demonstrated by examples all over the world."

And it doesn't stop at the display or exhibition of works, performances or installations at LABoral Centro de Arte. The centre has a research department that studies new technological applications in the sociocultural domain, where developers, designers, engineers, artists and creators of all kinds join efforts to keep improving people's lives. They combine their capabilities to generate digital discourses with influence in a variety of sectors.