Tarkett are innovating and providing more choice thanks to Moverio BT-200

Tarkett, the world leader in flooring and sporting surface solutions, has been equipping its sales force with Epson Moverio BT-200 smart glasses since 2014. The smart glasses offer customers a unique experience, enabling them to choose their flooring in a fun and straightforward way.

These high-tech glasses allow rooms to be viewed in 3D, using a dedicated app. Fitted with a complete detection system including a front camera, a gyroscope, a GPS system, a compass and an accelerometer, the Moverio BT-200 analyses the movements of the user and their environment.
The user selects the flooring of their choice and visualises it in situ in pre-established rooms, thanks to a virtual screen located in the middle of the user's field of vision, then activates the selection menus on the virtual screen using a touchscreen remote control.
 "We chose Moverio BT-200 smart glasses for various technical reasons. First of all, they are easy to use. Because they are portable, they allow the user to move around easily without interfering with the relationship between the salesperson and the customer, offering optimal comfort to the user. Currently around ten members of our sales team are equipped with the smart glasses, and we intend to increase in due course the number of countries as well as the range of products available using this tool,"  says Julien Hamon, e-Business Manager EMEA at Tarkett.
"The main advantage of the BT-200 glasses is that they are immediately available and affordable, meaning that an app can be created in just a few days. What distinguishes the Moverio BT-200s from other smart glasses is their 3D optics, which are much more comfortable for the majority of users, even those who wear standard glasses," explains Zsolt Mihalyfi, CEO of 360World, the company that designs the software for the Moverio glasses.

More customer choice

Epson has satisfied all of Tarkett's requirements, accompanying them every step of the way in this project. The world leader in innovation firstly put Tarkett in contact with the developer, then was present at all key stages of the project's development, from training teams to customer launches.
"The advantage of using the Moverio BT-200 is their capacity to show our products differently,"  says Chris Le Gal, Marketing Director at Tarkett. "It is a complicated business these days making a choice simply based on flooring samples, and the glasses allow the product to be presented in a different way. The Moverio BT-200 smart glasses have the capacity to present a 3D universe and show the flooring already installed in a room. The customer is therefore able to speed up their decision-making process. We now have positive feedback from customers who, like Bouygues Immobilier, are asking us to adapt this project to their own business areas."