SurePress in Japan: constancy and change

Japanese Saké of Akita

SurePress in Japan: constancy and change

Hinomaru Jozo Co., Ltd. has maintained the traditions and culture of saké brewing for centuries. Epson's SurePress digital label press is helping TrustSeal Incorporated realise the commitment that Hinomaru Jozo Co., Ltd. has for its saké by producing labels that capture those feelings.

Location benefits

Hinomaru Jozo Co., Ltd. is a saké brewery located in Yokote City, Akita Prefecture, Japan. The brewery nurtures their saké with tender care and wants it beautifully presented when releasing it out into the world.

Hinomaru Saké truly embodies the natural features of Akita. Here, they are blessed with a local abundance of brewer’s rice and pure spring water which trickles down from Mt. Kurikoma in the Ōu mountain range, enabling the production of good quality rice that is essential in creating saké.

Commitment to perfection

Jouji Sato, President of Hinomaru Jozo Co., Ltd., explains how Koji (malted rice) development is a crucial step in the brewing process. A traditional method which is extremely time and labour intensive is used in order to create Koji of perfect consistency. Even though mass production is available, the company insists on producing in small batches in order to take more care in the quality of what they’re creating.

He says, "I sometimes think that making saké is similar to raising a child, you nurture and care for it until one day it’s ready for the world. Ideally, the impression created by a product label should match the quality and flavour of the saké."

Standing out from other brands

Toyokazu Sasaki, Designer at TrustSeal Inc says, "Product labels help catch people’s attention and get them to take a product off the shelf."

A wave of digitalisation is gradually washing over the printing industry but it wasn’t until TrustSeal Inc saw Epson’s SurePress that they felt it was 'time to take the digital plunge.'

Epson's SurePress digital label press helps TrustSeal Inc to take greater consideration for consumer needs and enables them to have more freedom to decide how they want the label to look in order to reflect the passion that goes into the brewing process.

"I feel that Hinomaru Jozo’s label designs accurately reflect the strong commitment they have for their saké", says Manabu Takahashi, TrustSeal Inc Executive Director.

He says, "When a lot of different brands are lined up, I want people who are first attracted by the label to pick up the product, take a zip, experience the flavour, and keep coming back for more."