Success stories with Epson projectors in the Odessa Military Academy

Success stories with Epson projectors in the Odessa Military Academy

Success stories with Epson projectors in the Odessa Military Academy

The Military Academy in the city of Odessa is an educational institution that has been honouring historical traditions for more than a century. Academy graduates are high class multiskilled military specialists for the Ukraine Army. In the Academy, students are taught foreign languages and may opt to take postgraduate courses; training of reserve officers is also available.

Different activities as well as scientific facilities and resources are held in classes and laboratories furnished with all the necessary equipment, such as armaments, military hardware, training and modern computing equipment including Epson projectors: Epson EB-X400 and Epson EB-L400U.

Maxim Rezimets, deputy head of the technical department, describes the practical operation of the projectors: “To streamline the training process, we decided to equip the remaining classes with modern bright Epson projectors.

In 2017, we purchased Epson products and were able to assess the quality and reliability. Following expert consultation provided by the Epson representative, we decided to purchase the following projectors:

The Epson EB-X400 is a great solution for clear and bright presentations that can be seen even from the furthest corner of the classroom. The 3LCD technology provides saturated projected images with 3,300 lm brightness, which is up to 3 times greater than the brightness of similar projectors of other brands. This technology makes the image realistic, provides perfect colour representation and display of the finest details allowing students to see all the elements of various schemas and drawings.

Using the image shape correction function, you can easily configure all the projectors to ensure a perfectly aligned image. The long lamp life (10,000 hours in economy mode and 6,000 hours in standard mode) also provides long term savings.

Having purchased 50 Epson projectors, we have equipped classes with the necessary equipment.

The Epson EB-L400U is a laser projector featuring even greater brightness that allows images to be projected on both concave and convex screens. Rapid switch-on, instant switch-off and the capability to display content from flash drives means we can focus on training without wrestling with configuration. With brightness of 4,500 lm, you can clearly see any presentation, photo and video even in well lit rooms.

After many years of using Epson projectors, we remain loyal to this brand. High quality equipment has made our lectures and workshops more visual and versatile, which, no doubt, has increased the engagement of students. Now, to increase the efficiency of the training process, we plan to equip several classes with interactive systems.”