Santimone delivers perfect presentations thanks to Epson

Surfaces come to life with Epson technology

Santimone delivers perfect presentations thanks to Epson

A market-leader in communications technology, with an avant-garde, trail-blazing technical team, Santimone provides innovative solutions and advice on communications in step with the market: services for audio-video communications, hiring and temporary installations. The company's flagship service is mapping, i.e. the possibility of mapping specific surfaces and creating videos through dynamic exploitation of the characteristics of the surfaces. The perfect partner for this innovative service is Epson's cutting-edge 3LCD projection technology.

A magnificent spectacle, no matter how large the surface.

An excellent example of mapping was the charity evening organised in Modena by Rock no War. Santimone and Deltaprocess created an installation on the entire facade of the Accademia Militare di Modena: this was a considerable undertaking, involving the projection of images 35 metres wide and 22 metres high! During the planning phase, the idea was to use two 15,000-lumen video projectors to create this impressive installation, but, during tests, it became clear that two of Epson's EB-Z8000WU 6,000-lumen projectors could produce excellent results. Thanks to the quality of the Full HD, LCD projector, Santimone was able to provide bright, clear images, despite the projectors' being almost 60 metres away from the surface.

The installation, created by Santimone, provided a unique spectacle: the building came to life and was transformed by music and colours – the perfect marriage of sound and image, a stunning show which moved and engaged the audience.

Epson's EB-Z8000WU projector: unmatched quality and performance.

The state-of-the-art EB-Z8000WU projector offers high performance and innovative features, thanks to Epson's 3LCD technology. With high-brightness dual lamps and a powerful three-chip optical engine, this projector can produce incredibly bright and vivid colours, combining excellent image quality with high performance.


"This projector," explains Carla Conca, Visual Instrument Business Manager at Epson Italy, "was designed for high performance and total reliability over time, to enable our partners to concentrate on creating presentations and spectacular events, just like Santimone's achievements in Modena."

One of the many noteworthy features is the stable performance and quiet operation, even with external temperatures of up to 45°C. Furthermore, space permitting, four video projectors can be used simultaneously for multiscreen projections of even greater dimensions.

"I found the Epson video projectors easier to install than those of other brands," says Angelo Santimone, the company's Technical Director, "thanks to their combination of a vertical/horizontal keystone and lens shift. In many cases, these two characteristics enabled me to correct the image and install the projectors easily, even when their positioning was not perfectly perpendicular to the screen."

Epson projection technology is constantly developing.

Santimone started to used Epson products in 2010 and has continued to do so ever since because of the excellent quality they offer. "The strengths of Epson projectors," adds Santimone, "include brightness, fantastic value for money and versatility in terms of ease of installation: the lens shift feature means the machine can be positioned on the ceiling without needing to rotate it."

"The constant innovations designed by Epson, together with the company's reliability and willingness to help when it comes to handling any technical issues, are certainly incentives to increase the number of their machines used in our company," says Santimone. "There are so many possible applications. It would also be useful to create a network of dealers specialised in installations who use Epson projectors so that we can compare ideas and share our experiences."