Sambo-70 chooses LabelWorks LW-400

LabelWorks LW-400 helps students at Sambo-70

Sambo-70 chooses LabelWorks LW-400

The Sambo-70 training centre, founded in 1970, is a combined institution for sport and general education that has benefited from using Epson label making technology.

LabelWorks LW-400: how to train champions

The Sambo-70 training centre is one of Russia’s best-known Sambo wrestling schools, and today its fame spreads far beyond the country’s borders. Founded in 1970 by the first World Sambo Champion, David Rudman, the school was originally the school set up solely for sport, but is now a combined institution for sport and general education.

“Today, our centre’s training areas are of the very highest standard,” says Vladimir Bogomolov, a trainer working with the most advanced students. “We try our best to deal swiftly with even the most simple day-to-day problems. For instance, before and after their training sessions the students were constantly getting their outfits mixed up, or losing them, because they all look alike. So we decided to identify them all with labels by using the LabelWorks LW-400 label printer.”

“We’re glad we chose the LabelWorks LW-400,” adds Vladimir. “The children can now easily identify their own outfits and don’t arrive late to their training. People may think that trivialities like this are hardly worth paying attention to, but my experience tells me that when you’re training champions there’s no such thing as a triviality. And we’ve used our LabelWorks LW-400 for other things too, such as creating stickers with funny drawings to put our students’ names on their exercise and text books. The children love this, it really makes them smile.”

Benefits of the LabelWorks LW-400

The LabelWorks LW-400 is a portable label maker that weighs just over 400g and can be held in one hand. It takes care of all situations requiring labels, including filing, storage, financial documents, asset tagging and equipment identification. With its ergonomic buttons and integrated keyboard, the printer is straightforward to use. Dedicated buttons give quick access to cutting and printing functions, while an internal memory allows users to save up to 50 label designs at any time. The remaining tape can be checked via a special window.

It prints up to four lines, offers eight barcode standards and supports 14 fonts, five character sizes, 457 symbols, 87 borders and 10 styles, including bold, italic, outline and shadow. Users can see how their labels will look – even in sunlight or darkness – thanks to its backlit screen.


The user has a choice of 6, 9, 12 and 18mm labels, including standard, black and transparent, labels with extra-strong adhesion, iron-on textile labels, writeable matte paper labels, and a variety of colours, including fluorescent and pastel.

There are also some unique label types available, including glow-in-the-dark, light-reflective and those with increased resistance to high temperatures. All labels are durable, water resistant and able to withstand hot and cold temperatures.